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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

LDAP crashes fixed - was it only me?

I finally found out what made my SeaMonkey builds crash when accessing an LDAP server (either through the address book or while auto-completing recipients when composing a new mail): aoss.

FYI: aoss is a wrapper for applications like SeaMonkey, Firefox etc. which only support OSS for sound output natively. aoss is for ALSA what artsdsp is for aRts (the KDE sound daemon). Unfortunately, both are ugly hacks.

I hope that some day SeaMonkey will support ALSA natively. I'm using the dmix plugin to make sound applications not interfere with each other, and it works like a charm. Well, unless you try to get SeaMonkey to play sound, that is. Or Skype to use the microphone. In both cases, dmix must not be active or it will fail. On the other hand, I could not get SeaMonkey to play any sound even when dmix was inactive. Sad...


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