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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flip the Switch: Done.

The switch from XPFE to Toolkit has finally been made - thanks to all the contributors, most visibly Robert Kaiser, Mark Banner and Andrew Schultz. SeaMonkey trunk is now version 2.0a.

The fix for Bug 328887 has been accompanied by several changes like the activation of the NSIS installer for Windows (Bug 351917), automatic updates for Add-ons (extensions and themes, Bug 363700) and the removal of the Themes preferences pane (Bug 372856). Theme and extension management is now centralized under Tools / Add-ons. Switch Profile, also to be found under Tools, will no longer work and might be removed in the future.

For first-time Suiterunner users, the effects of Bug 329744 will show you the profile migration wizard which will setup a new SeaMonkey profile and copy most of your preferences to a new location. Your original profile will not be touched, so if anything goes wrong, nothing is lost.

The first nightly builds (Linux, Mac) will not contain all the recent changes, so you might want to wait for tomorrow's builds or build yourself from CVS.


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