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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trunk Update

Lately I have been busy with the practical part of my diploma thesis. Nevertheless I kept watching and bookmarking the relevant fixes happening on the trunk. Here are those that have not been mentioned in my previous posting:


Bug 133117: 'Web Search for...' results should open in new tab rather than new window
Bug 255124: favicon distorted in url field
Bug 279465: Progress bar consumes a lot of CPU power
Bug 305986: Show thumbnail for large image pages
Bug 311098: Port changes made in 251625 to xpfe/ (remove .part files when cancelling downloads)
Bug 314181: Changing encodings in "view selection source" causes artifacts at selection boundary.
Bug 326462: Time Elapsed column shows NaN:NaN
Bug 332668: keyword.enabled probably doesn't work any more
Bug 335810: cursor up/down keypresses do not preserve horizontal position when using pango
Bug 338716: Add a drop-shadow to the seamonkey icon
Bug 338741: "Select Element by Click" doesn't work for elements in content documents of inspected chrome
Bug 341047: After "Close other tabs" tab's context menu contains scrollbars/arrows.
Bug 341218: GTK2 filepicker "confirm overwrite" should use native GTK2 API when available
Bug 341504: Make global history work with toolkit autocomplete
Bug 342816: seamonkey theme/extension marked as platform: ALL says "not available on Windows" (,MacOS, etc.)
Bug 348925: Transferred data column isn't updated when download finishes
Bug 350688: Dictionaries should form part of the locale pack in the installer
Bug 351267: Scroll position re-used in autocomplete dropdown
Bug 352049: Kill the font download dialog


Bug 123029: News accounts are always shown collapsed on Mozilla restart
Bug 132257: Inserting a link to a [network][image] file into a message inserts the physical file!
Bug 198936: [patch] "Do you wish to compact..." dialog has no "don't ask me again" checkbox
Bug 249240: Password dialog for POP/IMAP server does not reprompt when password is changed externally.
Bug 265472: Option to expunge deleted mail immediately (compact folders / purge right after moving message to trash)
Bug 282669: First ("To:") address field not focused in new mail when last mail sent with first address field in focus
Bug 286628: NNTP intermittently forgets/deletes passwords (Thunderbird & SeaMonkey)
Bug 335973: Improve how we present lists of e-mail addresses in the message pane
Bug 338243: Enabling TLS for new IMAP connections doesn't close old connections
Bug 339518: Switching IMAP folders while "mark-as-spam" is running causes a crash [@ nsMsgDBView::DeleteMessages]
Bug 340314: Sound is played to random file descriptors, corrupting mailboxes, address books, cert DBs
Bug 344846: Add UI to delete summary file from folder properties dialog
Bug 350542: Mail fails to select startup folder with global inbox
Bug 350753: mail account manager tree subbranch order broken
Bug 350864: Add ability to check news servers for new messages at startup
Bug 351374: compact folders confirmation should use yes/no
Bug 351685: Total email count is set to 0 after compacting an Inbox
Bug 351858: Location Popup Shows Deferred Accounts
Bug 351864: Mark as Read by Date dumps error message for already read messages
Bug 352184: mark messages from trusted domains as non junk
Bug 57802: Mailto: links with 'body' [Send Link from Firefox] fail to attach/insert signature in composition
Bug 66771: No method for filtering all email from account to specific mailbox
Bug 215701: hang while reading tokens for junk mail due to corrupt training.dat
Bug 345612: [seamonkey] Installed spellcheck dictionaries are not displayed and cannot be selected

MailNews: Tags

Bug 341010: No labels, no actions in message filters dialog after check-in of 114656
Bug 341173: Need hotkeys to assign label/tag to message: shortcut 0-5
Bug 341369: Label/Tag colors are not working
Bug 341434: Message views for tags are broken
Bug 341661: change label column to tags column in thread pane
Bug 342065: wrong order of Tags in Message -> Tag menu and hotkeys
Bug 342560: Need preference panel for new tag feature
Bug 342576: UI Work for Adding Tags to Messages


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