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Monday, August 13, 2007

Features and Progress

The latest round of nightlies includes clickable references in MailNews (Bug 62033, on by default for newsgroup messages, with a hidden preference for ordinary emails), a better spellchecker (Bug 319778, HunSpell, replaces MySpell) and the ability to list and disable plugins in the Add-Ons Manager (Bug 339056, originally a Firefox bug).

Behind the scenes, progress is made towards real page zoom, i.e. zoom including images (Bug 4821, no UI yet) and making Lightning, the Calendar extension, work with SeaMonkey trunk (Bug 313822, laying the ground for the actual reintegration).

One item on KaiRo's Bug Bounty Program, porting Firefox's info bars, seems to be close to finalization (Bug 270443). Also pending is the port of Firefox's page info (Bug 379183).


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