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Monday, November 19, 2007

Info Bars, Source L10n and More

MailNews: Bug 401947 added a status bar to MailNews view source (this fix will also be part of SM 1.1.7), Bug 397498 introduced a shutdown task manager backend for MailNews (not yet used) and now that Bug 368325 is fixed, a password prompt for an encrypted mail no longer leads to a crash.

Browser: Normal text zoom (as opposed to the recently added full-page zoom) has been reinstated (Bug 401214) and Page Info displays the page rendering mode ("quirks" vs. standards compliant) again (Bug 386361).

Info bars: Bug 270443 brought Firefox's info bars to SeaMonkey and thanks to the fix for Bug 393108, those are used now when an add-on installation is blocked.

Add-on Manager: The "Install Now" button has been removed (Bug 342806) and the list of installed plugins is now updated when a plugin has been installed (Bug 391625).

Finally, Robert Kaiser announced that "Source L10n" is now available for SeaMonkey trunk (see his blog entry). The first set of locales contained in CVS (in addition to en) include, in order of appearance: de, sk, cs, nl, fr and ru. There is no discrimination between countries anymore (like de-AT vs. de-DE). In addition to the broken preferences window (Bug 394522), the download and password manager are not functional in those builds yet, as is the Windows system integration.

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