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Sunday, May 07, 2006

It has been some time...

... since the last update. There are some major reworkings going on right now and I was waiting for one of them to be completed. But as it seems, the whole thing will take longer, so here we go.

What I am talking about is the activation of additional locales as of build time. Robert Kaiser a.k.a. kaiRo, the coordinator of the German translations for the SeaMonkey project, lately got quite busy resolving bugs and checking in. The de-AT language pack, which he is in charge of, will be (one of) the first to be built from CVS.

Another field of recent activity is "suiterunner", which aims at porting SeaMonkey from XPFE to Toolkit (which is used by Firefox and Thunderbird). The goal is to have SeaMonkey 1.5 be based on Toolkit so that future development can profit even better from Firefox/Thunderbird, and vice-versa. Current default CVS trunk builds are still using XPFE, but much efforts are made in the background which can only be seen when building with MOZ_XUL_APP=1 set.

Bug 122698: Detect currently running instance of Mozilla when app is launched a second time
Bug 333526: handle arguments to mail/compose in startup script
Bug 334267: handle -P profile in startup script remote sniffing
Bug 332926: Tiny -moz-field and -moz-list fonts in cairo Linux builds
Bug 29856: *nix only : Window Class the same for all mozilla windows
Bug 333653: [FIX]Add pref to control which filepicker is used
  where the preference is ui.allow_platform_file_picker (a boolean)
Bug 313331: autocomplete file names in xul filepicker
Bug 310137: Crash when using typedown in GTK2 File Picker [@ + 0x1f3ae3]
  changed the minimal GTK2 version required for the platform file picker from 2.4.0 to 2.6.3
Bug 183729: Segmentation fault in XftLockFace (.ttf files need to be world-readable)

Bug 193923: [win32] use system beep on Windows for notification
was about the Find As You Type notification sound
Bug 76111: Auto detect online/offline status on Windows
  should allow to detect pulling/reattaching network cables. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make it work, though. The equivalent UNIX/Linux bug (still NEW) is Bug 279160: Use libnm on linux to manage offline/online status

L10n Reorganization
Bug 286110: Build SeaMonkey locales from CVS (--enable-ui-locale / source L10n)
  still ASSIGNED
Bug 328317: merge platform .jar files into en-US.jar
Bug 325473: Undo separation of language and region/content packs

Bug 325972: Accesskey conflicts/missing in Mail context menu
  was about Get Flagged Messages and Get Selected Messages in the context menu of MailNews reusing already assigned accesskeys (F as Forward for the first, and M as Move To)
Bug 178091: implement MaiLapp / 4.x Mac communicator like versions of the "move/copy" menus
  wanted to get rid of the "File Here" / "Choose This Folder" dropdown menu entries, but again I don't know how to activate it (maybe it's Thunderbird-only actually?)

Bug 330053: Make SeaMonkey capable of generating a reasonable build with MOZ_XUL_APP set.
Bug 67127: Newline in tooltips (title attribute) converted to black bars
Bug 238083: Mozilla silently dies on 'Switch Profile...', due to 'general.startup.*' prefs setting


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