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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Progress: The fix for Bug 403800 paved the way for a certificate override UI and a checkin for Bug 394522 migrated the mouse wheel preferences panel, together with support for full page zoom, the backend of which was covered in Bug 405133.

Bug 386629 corrected a minor glitch with toolbar buttons and Bug 257722 brought visual feedback for autocomplete scrollbar buttons (such as in the location bar).

MailNews: Bug 132340 fixed local body search for Base64-encoded mail bodies.

General: Bug 397150 updated the English spell checking dictionaries (Aspell-based) and Bug 346994 made it that any leading dots are removed from suggested download filenames.

UNIX/Linux: Bug 379430 fixed print preview hang on X, Bug 404495 and Bug 404493 brought native GTK styles for menu checkboxes and arrows, Bug 405219 updated the version checks for system NSPR, NSS and Cairo and Bug 405561 fixed a dependency with GnomeVFS.

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