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Saturday, December 08, 2007

GTK Improvements, New Icons And More

Progress: The Mailnews preference pane has been migrated to the new Preference window (Bug 404263) and the first step (CSS changes) towards making popup blocking use notification bars has been checked in (Bug 393120).

Regressions fixed: Autoscroll no longer causes SM to disappear (Bug 405899), the prefs.js file is created again if it is missing (Bug 393614), icons in FTP listings are back (Bug 402742) and the height of the location bar is equal to the old one again (Bug 378545).

GTK improvements: Better menu spacing (Bug 404751) and selection (Bug 404498), active button look (Bug 404514), toolbar separator (Bug 406075), list view headers (Bug 404816) and native 32x32 icons (Bug 406871).

CVS locales: Swedish added (Bug 406654).

General: New icons for windows and files have been introduced (Bug 321927) and cookie checks have been improved to disallow multi-part TLDs like (Bug 385299).

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