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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Activity Everywhere

Progress: Several changes were made in preparation towards enabling AUS (automatic updates, Bug 408190) and the Software Installation pane has been migrated to the new Preferences window (Bug 408247). Customizable toolbars (Bug 394288) are getting nearer since the respective icons have been made transparent (Bug 406778) and the useless toolbar button wrapper has been removed (Bug 407744).

Compiling: Ted Mielczarek just released a new version of the Mozilla Build System for Windows, MozillaBuild 1.2, featuring a new SSH version, support for VC 2008 and the Vista Platform SDK and a fix for correct character display with ClearType. On the L10n front, dictionaries (Bug 346133 and other data (Bug 405856) are pulled now when needed.

GTK/Linux: Images can be copied to the clipboard now (Bug 21747) and the file picker shows previews for certain file types like images (Bug 396876). Dropdowns and their options are tied together more closely (Bug 369599) and scrolling over content displayed by plugins should work now (Bug 386687 and Bug 407982). The default settings allow to specify printer names with spaces now (Bug 326245). UI changes include fixed number edit fields (Bug 399545), correctly displaying tabs (Bug 265698), OK buttons (Bug 408853), disabled check marks (Bug 408023). menu separators (Bug 406676) and resizers (Bug 118299) and changes concerning RTL (Bug 316748 and Bug 408620). Finally, shortcut accelerators should work independent from the active keyboard layout now (Bug 406407).

DOM Inspector: Access keys were added to the DOM tree viewer context menu (Bug 398706) and Pseudo Classes dialog (Bug 398704) and context information to the accessibility events view (Bug 393353).

Gfx: Two top crashers related to zero-sized fonts have been fixed (Bug 404112, Bug 407415), the PNG and JPEG encoders uniformly return sensible error codes when specifying invalid options now (Bug 405982) and copying RBG pixel data has been speeded up on the major x86 platforms if no transparency is used (Bug 406580). Certain animated GIFs should display correctly now (Bug 408288) and the threshold for kerning and ligatures has been lowered to 20pt (Bug 402802).

If you want to know more, read Vladimir Vukicevic's Graphics in Mozilla presentation which describes Mozilla's graphics backend, Thebes, and how it uses the Cairo library to interface with the respective operating system's graphics API.

ChatZilla: Tabs can be reordered using Drag&Drop now (Bug 194913), CVS locales are built according to the respective configure switch now (Bug 397246, Bug 409411 and Bug 408843) and the userlist has been speeded up (Bug 315913).

MailNews: UTF-8 domain mail addresses are added correctly to the address book now (Bug 407564).

General: Certificate exceptions can be added through the respective error page (Bug 405862) and popup blocking uses the new notification bars now (Bug 393120 and Bug 400764). The Page Info dialog lists external scripts (Bug 394170) but leaves applet tags aside now (Bug 402286). Access keys for closing tabs and window were added (Bug 135567), the new English dictionary received some extra words (Bug 407494) and View Source displays the server's name if it is not found (Bug 393002). SeaMonkey uses the Plugin Finder Service now which replaces the Nullplugin from earlier versions (Bug 278831) and Ctrl+PgUp/Down switches tabs again even when the cursor is within a text field (Bug 290177). Tab ordering/targeting has been improved (Bug 407421) and links with certain anchors should not blank the tab anymore (Bug 342504). Concerning icons, the Mozilla 'M' logo was removed from the Modern theme's component bar (Bug 318986) and the height of autocomplete search engine icons was fixed (Bug 407985).

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