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Monday, May 31, 2010

2.1 Alpha 1 Roundup

Welcome back! This update comes a lot later than I initially thought. On the upside I can present you with an more-or-less overview of changes between the last stable release and the first SeaMonkey 2.1 alpha version which has just been released two weeks ago (for the platform changes, see Firefox 3.6 and Mozilla Developer Preview (1.9.3 alpha)). Parallelly, SeaMonkey 2.0.5 is expected to be released tomorrow (Pacific time). The changes contained in the stable branch releases are part of the release notes nowadays so I will not track or repeat them here.

Since the first alpha has been cut, new features have already been pushed to the trunk, and more are to come. The SeaMonkey 2.1 Features wiki page tracks the overall progress of major new features. Short teaser of what is already available in trunk nightly builds:

  • The Add-on Manager has been rewritten and now opens within a new tab or browser window.
  • The Troubleshooting Information page (about:support), which features a short-hand for accessing your profile folder, can now be opened from the Tools menu.
  • You can now drag files and URLs to and from the Download Manager, e.g. to the desktop or Explorer window.
  • You can now save multiple messages as individual files in a directory.

Here is a list of notable SeaMonkey changes between versions 2.0 and 2.1 Alpha 1:


  • make sure images added to an HTML message body do not get an incorrect "attachment" disposition (Bug 525955)
  • make sure that a plain text attachment with application/octet-stream content type shows inline (Bug 532603)
  • only ask for master password if not already logged into the Software Security Device (Bug 534462)
  • allow using multiple instances of the Forward filter action (Bug 523892)
  • add Forward Inline filter action (Bug 312025)
  • make nsMessenger.cpp 64-bit compatible (Bug 519021)
  • make nsMsgAttachmentHandler 64-bit compatible (Bug 558246)
  • allow offline stores >4GB (Bug 532323)
  • extend local folder size limit to 4GB on Mac OS X (Bug 538512)
  • add a space between "The message was sent successfully but could not be copied to your Sent folder." and "Would you like to return to the compose window?" (Bug 528600)
  • support semicolon (;) as email address separator (e.g. in To: field) (Bug 242693)
  • make sure messages marked manually as Junk are moved to Junk folder even if user does not check "Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account" (Bug 487610)
  • make sure main body part of IMAP message is downloaded when Display Attachments Inline is off and folder is not set for offline use (Bug 246415)
  • make sure internal message selection state is correct after toggling folder pane off/on and switching tabs (Bug 545674)
  • make sure IMAP folder size is calculated correctly when condstore is used (Bug 548584)
  • do not crash when message contains a mailto: URL (Bug 546900)
  • support drag&drop of single message to desktop/file system window (Bug 537448)
  • wrap the message pane in a hbox for Thunderbird compatibility (Bug 544661)
  • do not crash when setting message charset (related to mailnews.sendInBackground pref) (Bug 537404)
  • use Create Folder as confirm button label in New Folder dialog (Bug 495939)
  • support libnotify/libindicate notifications for new mail alerts (Bug 478463)
  • fix Mac dock double count of unread messages on startup (Bug 516477)
  • make sure attachments with octet-stream content type are accessible (Bug 538407)
  • reintroduce menulist-menupopup CSS class to allow styling of folder submenus (Bug 542837)
  • rewrite authentication logic for IMAP, POP and SMTP (new pref: mail.server.default.authMethod) (Bug 525238)
  • show Yes/No buttons instead of OK/Cancel in NNTP cancel dialog (Bug 168231)
  • handle IMAP servers that drop the connection on STARTTLS (Bug 549457)
  • use Rename as confirm button label in Rename Folder dialog (Bug 495940)
  • add recognition of SHA-2 hashes when verifying S/MIME messages with detached signatures (application/pkcs7-signature) (Bug 541334)
  • do not indent username label in SMTP server prefs dialog (Bug 554404)
  • fix crash doing STATUS on IMAP folders (Bug 550455)
  • support "needs body" for custom filter actions (Bug 555051)
  • do not crash while closing standalone mail window of RSS item while still loading (Bug 288172)
  • add account name to IMAP alert messages (Bug 66860)
  • extend MailNews back-end to allow detachment to folders (Bug 531757)
  • make sure filter junk status "Not Junk" sticks (Bug 556786)
  • make sure URL with JA characters attached in compose window is shown correctly in attachment box (Bug 161156)
  • enable Save As dialog of mail compose window to handle non-ASCII filenames (Bug 161791)
  • make sure compacting with IMAP delete model does not mess up offline store or leak temp files (Bug 546384)
  • add emails to CC list (instead of BCC) automatically when sending email (Bug 269728)
  • use buffered file I/O to help performance with profiles on networked file systems (Bug 539389)
  • add new pref mail.biff.use_new_count_in_mac_dock to allow "New Mail" count for Mac dock icon instead of unread mail count (Bug 518828)
  • make IMAP password prompts serial, using new asynchronuous prompter service (Bug 557622)
  • make sure manually marking a message as NOT JUNK is sufficient and message does not get refiled as junk (Bug 540385)
  • fix Forward Inline with non-default charset (Bug 494912)
  • make sure cancelling the master password prompt does not bring up a second one for each connection (Bug 560740)
  • hook up POP3 to asynchronous prompt service and make its password prompts serial again (Bug 557625)
  • import settings from Windows Mail on Vista and Windows Live Mail on XP/Vista/Windows 7 (Bug 394687)
  • make sure viewing an HTML mail is not too slow for POP and local folders (Bug 545126)
  • do not close Search Messages dialog when hitting Enter but start the search (Bug 543160)
  • make sure Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication does not fail when hostname is changed after account creation(Bug 530319)
  • change label of Rebuild Summary File button to Repair Folder in Folder Properties and add an explanation (Bug 564610)
  • do not crash while deleting message header with POP account (Bug 540074)
  • use notification bar for return receipt confirmation (Bug 539066)

Address Book

  • support LDAP address book names with cyrillic/chinese letters (Bug 536437)
  • make sure "-addressbook" command line option does not disable Resize/Maximize window menu items (Bug 330914)
  • improve handling of BirthYear in birthday field for pre-1900 dates (Bug 522642)

Download Manager

  • provide new CSS for Download Manager clearListButton on Mac (Bug 536903)
  • improve download progress dialogs (Bug 513691)
  • rewrite broken FTP file upload dialog (Bug 467524)


  • switch Places history to asynchronous expiration (removed browser.history_expire_* prefs, added places.history.enabled and places.database.cache_to_memory_percentage prefs) (Bug 536374)
  • adapt Help for Places history changes (Bug 546936)


  • add full screen video playback to SeaMonkey (Bug 531576)
Session Store
  • limit old close tab method to three tabs (browser.tabs.max_tabs_undo pref) and use Session Restore for additional tabs (Bug 530735)
  • allow to save/restore referrer (Bug 524369)
  • speed up cookie saving (run after each page load) (Bug 524371)
  • support input type=file multiple (Session Store part) (Bug 547710)
  • move writing sessionstore.js off the main thread (Bug 547406)
  • do not consider closed windows as open (Bug 548228)
  • introduce sessionstore-browser-state-restored notification representing the end of the setBrowserState operation (Bug 548211)
  • add support for HTML5 History.pushState(), History.replaceState() methods (Session Store parts) (Bug 558652)
  • increase Session Store interval to 15s (Bug 558649)
  • reduce uses of aNode.localName and namespaceURI in XPath generation (speed up counting sibling nodes) (Bug 558645)
  • make sure getBrowserState does not return two entries for one window (Bug 558639)
  • do not set focus to minimized windows (Bug 558638)
  • skip windows that are closed but not yet destroyed (Bug 558636)
  • only save form data for fields that do not have the default value (Bug 561728)


  • sync Applications Preferences pane and Modern application picker CSS with what Firefox has (Bug 538164)
  • sync pref-smartupdate.* prefs with Firefox (add UI for and app.update.mode prefs) (Bug 541665)


  • make sure Customize Toolbars window is not too small on Linux (does not cut off "Restore defaults" button) (Bug 439134)
  • remove Copy Image Location from context menu now that Copy Image copies image location again (Bug 469481)


  • make sure "make distclean" fully cleans an hg src build (Bug 446690)
  • make l10n nightly updates work (Bug 539938)
  • add warning if configure or config.status are out of date (Bug 541657)
  • remove MSVC6 support (Bug 508760)
  • remove BUILD_OFFICIAL in favor of MOZILLA_OFFICIAL (Bug 542297)
  • remove iconv requirement for updater on Windows (Bug 543230)
  • drop configure support for cairo-mac widget toolkit (Bug 543212)
  • add --hg-clone-options option to (Bug 508955)
  • require python >= 2.4 to build (and >=2.5 on Windows hosts) (Bug 427750)
  • allow network attempts to restart themselves in case of failures; add a '--retries' option (Bug 538528)
  • drop support for --disable-xpfe-components configure option (Bug 552222)
  • substitute Windows-style paths in configure when building with pymake (Bug 550657)
  • export more header files to build Enigmail against SDK (Bug 562059)


  • port several bugfixes from Toolkit View Source (Bug 537377)
  • implement browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab functionality on SeaMonkey to avoid closing browser with last tab (Bug 533125)
  • make sure an empty title attribute inhibits tooltips (Bug 264001)
  • add 48x48 icon for the migration wizard (Bug 512732)
  • auto hide menubar in full screen mode instead of hiding it completely (Bug 540629)
  • add context variable to extensions.update.url pref indicating the context of the check (Bug 540087)
  • make Print Preview show up (Bug 543205)
  • improve appearance of cascading menulists in the Modern theme (Bug 542842)
  • fix misalignment in --help command line option output (Bug 546296)
  • remove obsolete 'Java Console' item from Tools menu (Bug 511884)
  • make Crash Reporter send correct URL when crashing during pageload (Bug 548208)
  • sync Page Info with Firefox (list background images in Media, resize images correctly when using scaling) (Bug 550469)
  • make sure View Background Image context menu item is not always grayed out (Bug 549612)
  • make Profile Importer not treat error as fatal when reading from Windows registry (Bug 537525)
  • make sure Stop button is disabled when SeaMonkey opens a blank window (Bug 74571)
  • add API for getting web progress notifications for all tabs; introduce support for preventing websites from auto-refreshing (accessibility.blockautorefresh pref) (Bug 558995)
  • make sure drag&drop of links to contents area does not fail (Bug 560443)
  • fix context menu IDs and accesskeys (Bug 487692)
  • make sure history.pushState does not forget favicon and feeds (Bug 557374)
  • make sure closing a window with multiple tabs produces a warning (if configured like that) (Bug 525386)
  • support resizable textareas in the Modern theme (Bug 553937)
  • add CSS styling for about:memory to the Modern theme (Bug 547458)
  • add CSS styling for about:support to the Modern theme (Bug 561668)

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