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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Behind the Scenes

For a web developer, the awesome fantastic Firebug provides everything you need, but it is currently only available for Firefox. Asrail is trying to make Firebug 1.2 work with SeaMonkey 2, though; I successfully installed an XPI today. Until he releases something I will just give you a hint: search for "caio seamonkey firebug" in Google Groups. Or take a look at Firebug Lite.

  • Drag & Drop tabs between browser windows: backend (Bug 113934)
  • Windows default application check: allow to change what to check (Bug 447637)
  • Preferences window: MailNews / Notifications (Bug 428705), MailNews / Composition (Bug 429143) and Advanced / Keyboard Navigation (Bug 444146)
  • enable building SeaMonkey with --enable-libxul: /suite directory (Bug 397277)
  • Redirect mail (resend with possibility to editing before sending): backend (Bug 359226)
  • convert attachment filename correctly when importing from Japanese Eudora (will also be fixed in SM 1.1.12) (Bug 443344)
  • do not lose IMAP offline stores when connecting to server fails (Bug 213827)
  • rename 'Unsent' folder to 'Outbox' (Bug 387656)
  • allow to specify whether to run filters when checking mail, run manually, or both (add a separate manual filter context) (Bug 440635)
  • cache the top-level address book to help performance (Bug 403256)
  • ensure that disabling "Automatically mark messages as read" works (Bug 450740)
  • add ability to filter only selected messages in a folder (Run Filters on Selected Messages) (Bug 444209)
  • make sure signed/encrypted messages (e.g. S/MIME) always get transfer encoding applied (Bug 232515)
  • ignore spaces after tag attribute equal sign in HTML messages (Bug 338323)
  • convert Ask me before downloading more than __ messages option (in the news server settings) to number-type textbox (Bug 451862)
  • make sure "Edit as new" for opened eml files does not result in a broken compose window (Bug 366482)
  • use better wording in Folder Properties Retention Policy tab dialog (Bug 339151)
  • always use Content-Disposition: attachment (was inline for text-type attachments) for sending attachments (Bug 65794)
  • play back tags to IMAP server when switching from offline to online (Bug 141606)
  • make Mark All Read keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C on Linux (like on Windows; was: Ctrl+Shift+M) (Bug 422757)
  • do not delete mail keywords/tags when detaching/removing attachments (Bug 440366)
  • add option to quote the contents of displayed inline attachments in replies (UI for mail.reply_quote_inline pref) (Bug 441659)
  • show just the name and not the email address in the message pane (Bug 309057)
  • rename Properties to Settings in account context menus (Bug 249620)
  • implement auto-expunge for IMAP mailboxes (see bug comment 4) (Bug 359284)
Address Book
  • make Search/Filters check correctly for address in Mac OS X Address Book (Bug 437908)
  • remove spaces from Mac OS X Address Book display names when first and/or last name is empty (Bug 451021)
  • allow Junk settings to use read-only address books (like Mac OS X Address Book, but not remote ones) for white lists (Bug 451361)
  • support multiple address books for Junk whitelist (Bug 449747)
  • support white-space:pre-line (Bug 230555)
  • support positioned and floated generated content (in conjunction with :before and :after) for non-replaced elements (Bug 238072)
  • ignore CSS2.1 empty-cells:hide in conjunction with border-collapse:collapse (Bug 392047)
  • implement ElementTraversal (Bug 447917)
  • implement W3C Selectors API (querySelector and querySelectorAll) (Bug 416317)
  • implement WHATWG/HTML5 Drag and Drop (Bug 356295)
  • enable printing while in Print Preview on Linux/Unix (Bug 126802)
  • clear print_to_filename after printing on OS/2 to make sure that it's not overwritten next time (Bug 446290)
  • add lt (Lithuanian) to source locales (Bug 451054)
  • add pt-BR (Brazilian Portuguese) to source locales (Bug 451153)
  • make the "bad cert error dialog" more helpful (add View Certificate button) (Bug 439722)
  • make theora build with VC7.1 (Bug 450265)
  • add ability to pull specific revisions/tags from comm-central, mozilla-central or dom-inspector (Bug 451811)
  • make Qt port compile with comm-central (Bug 450957)
  • do not treat Ctrl+Enter as Ctrl+J when captured by a Javascript event (Bug 318235)
  • add support for Aero Glass effects (-moz-appearance: -moz-win-glass) to Widget layer (Bug 418454)
  • let downloaded files inherit NTFS properties (like permissions, compression, encryption) from parent folder/directory (Bug 224692)
  • convert FTP paths from UTF-8 to original charset (e.g. Cyrillic) (Bug 427089)
  • support new toolkit async autocomplete (Bug 443370)
  • ensure that major updates are offered when certain language packs are installed (make locale in updater.ini mandatory) (Bug 446527)
  • catch more Software Update failures, e.g. working offline (Bug 312661)
  • delete and re-init cookies.sqlite if cookie deletion fails due to corrupted database (Bug 448372)
  • set DISPLAY environment variable when --display is given to make Xremote work correctly (Bug 441140)
  • fix dropping images to external applications (Bug 435220)
  • add workaround for creating plugin cache file on Windows (enable displaying PDF delivered via SSL) (Bug 420310)
  • make "seamonkey -h" mention -migration switch (Bug 431636)
  • handle WM_ENDSESSION message to cleanly unload in case of exiting or restarting Windows (Bug 212316)
  • line up Modern submenus horizontally (Bug 451609)
  • do not crash when exiting on OpenSolaris (with Xinerama enabled) (Bug 449371)
  • do not crash when saved search is open after deleting a searched subfolder (Bug 438414)
  • do not crash in debug mode while getting POP3 mail on startup (Bug 452521)

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  • NB: Bug 309057 (show just the name and not the email address in the message pane) does not affect From and Reply-To fields.

    By Blogger Jens, at 3:39 PM  

  • Ratty helped me with an install.js and some fixes for firebug 1.1.
    But that version of firebug was too buggy.

    firebug 1.2 won't install on SM 1.x and still quite buggy.

    It's quite easy to manage it not to work.

    I'll wait 1.3 to see if the firebug bugs disappear.
    So it'll be easy to fix the issues with the port.


    If you have something to report, please do so.

    Thanks for mentioning that on the blog.


    By Blogger Caio Tiago, at 7:35 AM  

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