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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alpha Particles

  • make IMAP folders offline by default if they are newly created and mail.server.default.offline_download pref is true (Bug 452615)
  • display messages that are not present in the current folder view but found through a search (Bug 377084)
  • resort when new message arrives and Sort by / Threaded is active (Bug 262319)
  • do not ask whether to send HTML mail for recipients matching an "additional email" address of a contact that prefers HTML messages (Bug 437750)
  • disable JavaScript in MailNews for now (Bug 453943)
  • properly detect application/pkcs7-mime subtypes in libmime (Bug 456250)
  • do not lose track of messages in a folder when using CONDSTORE (Bug 456601)
  • add ability to download IMAP messages preemptively/automatically in the background (Bug 436615)
Address Book
  • apply changes to phone types made in Apple Addressbook (Bug 452143)
  • add birthday fields to address book (Bug 13595 and Bug 455797)
  • update address book card preview pane for card changes via external interfaces (where notifications exist, e.g. OS X) (Bug 455240)
  • add support for WebKit's CSS3 Transform proposal (Bug 435293)
  • implement cloneNode() for HTML document nodes (Bug 42976)
  • allow creating HTML documents through document.implementation.createDocument() (Bug 450160)
  • support SVG mask/clip-path/filter effects in HTML (Bug 450340)
  • show Exception dialog before fetching certificate when prefetching is active (Bug 453855)
  • remove useless "print.use_native_print_dialog" preference (Bug 414843)
  • introduce new UI for setting SeaMonkey as default application/handler (Bug 441050)
  • add trim, trimLeft and trimRight for JavaScript strings (Bug 305064)
  • add hu (Hungarian) to source locales (Bug 453350)
  • make FTP uploads of small files using File / Upload File menu report failures (Bug 389394)
  • make migration of SeaMonkey profile not fail (possibly not migrating bookmarks) when folder in source profile is missing (Bug 423211)
  • set colors for GTK treelines when no specific rule is given (Bug 434080)
  • make transfer mode of images influence the lock icon state (mixed content) (Bug 135007)
  • add bold default options to about:config context menus (Bug 255726)
  • disable "Add to SeaMonkey" and add "Cancel Install" in right-click menu after installing extension (Bug 438755)
  • let Software Update show a hint that the system clock may be off if the server certificate appears to be expired (Bug 390746)
  • use correct order of buttons in Add-on Updates dialog appearing at startup (Bug 424317)
  • do not delete a file dragged from Windows Explorer / FTP (Bug 296528)
  • enable color management support for tagged images by default (Bug 418538)
  • disable NetworkManager querying by default because its network link detection (which triggers Offline mode) cannot be trusted (Bug 424626)
  • do not crash when opening IMAP messages with inline images (Bug 454061)
  • do not crash shutting down in cookie code (Bug 455035)
Update: added last three MailNews bugs that made the Alpha cut

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