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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lost & Found

I started compiling lists of bugs that were checked into the trunk long before I started this blog. I even kept them around afterwards. Now in the light of the upcoming SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 1 the time has come to do some cleanup. Below are all bugs from my list of the early days of Mozilla 1.9 trunk (SeaMonkey trunk was called 1.5a back then) that have neither been fixed on the 1.8.1 branch (SeaMonkey 1.1.x) nor appeared on this blog until now. As always I tried to focus on visible changes and noticeable enhancements rather than internal code changes.

  • rename TLS and SSL in SMTP preferences to what they really mean (STARTTLS, SMTP-over-SSL) (Bug 185662)
  • make Reply, Reply All, Forward and Next buttons dual-mode (adding Reply to Sender, Reply to All Recipients, Forward Inline/As Attachment, Next Message/Flagged Message/Unread Thread) (Bug 17796)
  • do not lose keystrokes while email composer is saving draft (Bug 352310)
  • speed up deleting attachments containing UNIX line breaks (Bug 365751)
  • add "Stop Filter Execution" filter action (Bug 358684)
  • allow to set marking junk as read independently for automatic and manual cases in preferences (Bug 377920)
  • do not fall back to insecure authentication after SMTP authentication failure (Bug 311657)
  • support opening a message from the command line (Bug 386919)
  • remove "Copy Folder Location" context menu entry, moving functionality to Location field in Properties dialog (Bug 369393)
  • move Location field from IMAP Sharing tab of folder properties dialog to General Information tab (enable it for all account types) (Bug 180546)
  • add more descriptive error messages for network level errors while sending mail (SMTP) (Bug 361433)
  • enable extensions to add and handle columns in MailNews (Bug 376717)
  • change Switch Text Direction shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+X (was: Ctrl+Shift+E) (Bug 333570)
  • do not open multiline input when dropping link in single line input (Bug 332588)
  • add IRC-Hispano to default network list (Bug 227366)
  • add IRCnet to default network list (Bug 135926)
  • allow styling all parts of ChatZilla with motifs (Bug 235169)
  • allow disabling Bugzilla link detection on a per-channel basis (Bug 349137)
DOM Inspector
  • allow inserting/creating new nodes (Bug 112775)
  • add File / Save DOM As... (Bug 72494)
  • allow to hide processing instructions (Bug 360898)
  • show separate menu entries for Inspect Content/Chrome Document (Bug 337069)
  • make Mozilla compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (VC8) (Bug 249782)
  • remove non-Cairo GTK2 gfx code (GTK 1 support and Xprint) (Bug 383889)
  • add "Ignore Word" to inline spellchecker used for editable elements (Bug 354580)
  • use bullets instead of asterisks to block out password characters (Bug 97811)
  • make dictionaries part of the locale pack in the installer (Bug 350688)
  • add font-family (alias) resolver checking whether specified font-family is installed in the system (Bug 352174)
  • make a backup copy of prefs.js before overwriting it if there were errors reading it (Bug 361102)
  • Undo Close Tab enhancements: File / Recently Closed Tabs menu entry, select restored tabs and reuse blank tabs with no history (Bug 354953)
  • let Mozilla applications manage NSS configuration for PKCS#11 shared libraries (prevent Windows from locking nssckbi.dll) (Bug 176501)
  • implement font-size-adjust on Linux (Bug 363410)
  • make Gecko pass the Acid2 test (Bug 289480)
  • let Backspace default to nothing on Linux instead of going back (in history) (Bug 358764)
  • support startup notification on Linux/UNIX desktops (Bug 223492)
  • enable native theme (form control etc.) in HTML content on Linux (Bug 329846)
  • add support for the X Session Management Protocol (XSMP) (Bug 93789)
  • make downloading using "Save Link As..." successful on a link to a page/file that uses HTTP/FTP authentication (Bug 315227)
  • make Debug QA and Palm Sync extensions optional in Windows installer (Bug 385377)
  • add pref to control minimal font size for high quality text rendering (browser.display.auto_quality_min_font_size) (Bug 387969)
  • allow multiple selection of text with Ctrl (Bug 73373)

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