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Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Home

The move to hg went quite smoothly (thanks to the preparatory work of KaiRo and others). Now that SeaMonkey and MailNews have their own repository shared with Thunderbird and Calendar, tracking changes is a lot easier. However, the loss of Bonsai still hurts a bit. Bug 394669 has been fixed but it still needs to be pushed live (Bug 448459). While you are waiting for that, take a look at what is possible with a bit of client-side PHP and RegEx:

  • Download manager: make toolkit dlmgr buildable by suite (backend prerequisite) (Bug 440932)
  • Preferences window: Composer / New Page Settings (Bug 435079), MailNews / Return Receipts (Bug 445011), MailNews / Junk Mail (Bug 445010), MailNews / Character Encoding (Bug 445012); enable using filefield elements (Bug 448106)
  • update saved search folders' unread count when deleting mail without reading it (Bug 300487)
  • allow filters to move a mail after copying it (Bug 376235)
  • implement highlightNonMatches in Toolkit autocomplete (to show that email address could not be found in address book) (Bug 441526)
  • do not report "Mail server is not an IMAP4 mail server" if server says BYE (Bug 408861)
  • filter news based on any headers [original fix had been backed out due to regressions] (Bug 16913)
  • add confirmation dialog for Empty Trash (Bug 179891)
  • make sure removing tags from local messages survives rebuild index (Bug 439132)
  • set default for MDN confirmation dialog to No (i.e. Do Not Send) (Bug 166164)
  • support IMAP RFC 4551 - CondStore extension (Bug 436151)
  • do not issue IMAP fetch CHANGEDSINCE unless using CondStore (Bug 448558)
  • do not remove new messages from view after changing tag (Bug 444815)
  • do not clear messages and thread panes when compacting a folder other than the selected one (Bug 271988)
  • turn off error pages for MailNews windows (XML Parsing Error: no element found/netError.xhtml on newsgroup message download timeout) [will probably also be fixed in SM 1.1.12] (Bug 327510)
  • support CSS3 'word-wrap' property (breaks long lines) (Bug 99457)
  • implement CSS3 column-rule-* (Bug 271586)
  • implement W3C Selectors API (querySelector and querySelectorAll) (Bug 416317)
  • implement parsing of @font-face rules (Bug 441469)
  • actually support --skip-calendar in comm-central's (Bug 447225)
  • add configure option to l10n repositories (Bug 447619)
  • change build process to generate unique BuildIDs (including minutes and seconds) (Bug 431270)
  • use separate accesskey for "Search Web for " menu item (Bug 447833)
  • save form inputs' state with Save Page As (Bug 293834)
  • add Ogg Theora backend for HTML5 video element (Bug 422538)
  • do not show "Content Encoding Error" page when redownloading a previously cancelled .tar.gz file (Bug 426273)
  • show file:// directories containing files >= 2GB on Linux (Bug 278738)
  • do not try to retrieve image when img src="" and image URI equals document URI (Bug 444931)
  • utilize min-height on fieldset tag (Bug 210094)
  • check for left/top start position on startup to prevent overlapping widgets like the Dock (Bug 433358)
  • do not crash and lose mails if Rebuild Index is executed while compacting folder is in progress (Bug 392015)

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  • Bug 448459 has just been fixed, i.e. bug numbers on are now linked to Bugzilla. :-)

    By Blogger Jens, at 9:33 PM  

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