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Monday, July 12, 2010

2.1 Alpha 2 Roundup

So, now that the distraction has come to an end (congratulations, Spain!), back to business. SeaMonkey (and Thunderbird) trunk has been broken for the last week or so due to the XPCOM components registration changes. The tree is still closed, but it looks much better now than in the past few days. Time to add some more SeaMonkey 2.1 features!

Otherwise, SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 2 has been released. The following is an overview of noteworthy changes contained in that release. Also have a look at the Firefox 4 Beta 1 release notes for some more platform changes.

Notable Changes:
  • The Add-on Manager has been rewritten and now opens within a new tab or browser window. Read Mossop's blog for more information.
  • The video back-end now supports WebM/VP8 (use yasm if compiling on Linux!).
  • The Troubleshooting Information page (about:support), which features a short-hand for accessing your profile folder, can now be opened from the Help menu (not the Tools menu, as mentioned in the 2.1 Alpha 1 Roundup).
  • The Download Manager now allows your to drag files and URLs to and from it, e.g. to the desktop or Explorer window.
  • The View Source window includes a Find Bar now, like the one in the Help viewer and Firefox, but at the top of the window.
  • The MailNews components now supports saving multiple messages as individual files in a directory.
  • The MailNews thread pane and other trees now feature alternating backgrounds on Mac and Linux.
  • The MailNews Search toolbar is gone, in favor of elements that can be used in customizable toolbars. The bar might eventually return (cf. Thunderbird's Quick Filter bar), but for now its elements have been moved to an own, full-sized toolbar (which can of course be disabled and all its elements be moved to other toolbars).
  • The Search and Go browser buttons are customizable now, too.
  • Gopher is gone.
  • Process attachments with "Content-Type:" line containing a line break properly (Bug 543813)
  • Fix reordering of newsgroups using drag & drop: Port d&d code from TB, introducing Services.jsm to SeaMonkey MailNews (Bug 556887)
  • Fix getting POP3 mail after resuming from sleep mode (Bug 466933)
  • Format large numbers in main window message size (Bug 516787)
  • Do not retry IMAP move copies since that most likely will result in duplicates (Bug 403603)
  • Make sure HTML editor does not delete lines below Return on certain emails composed in Outlook 2003 (Bug 554806)
  • Make sure irregular message updates header pane on message view ('undisclosed-recipients' should show up) (Bug 549931)
  • Fix crash when POP3 server closed connection while trying to show a password prompt (Bug 556249)
  • Fix saving IMAP drafts offline on Windows (Bug 397910)
  • Fix accessing third account and local mail (Bug 397744)
  • Add ability to save multiple messages as individual files in directory (Bug 555972)
  • Use custom icon for Go -> Local Folders -> Outbox (Bug 475509)
  • Make Search, Folder Location and Views widgets for MailNews customizable toolbars (Bug 521927)
  • Prompt for client certificate password when making TLS connection to IMAP server (Bug 568929)
  • Make message copy action to IMAP on incoming POP3 mail succeed with quarantining turned on for antivirus (Bug 387361)
  • Make replay of offline IMAP operations succeed if the network connection is down when going online (Bug 567773)
  • Make sure signature of previously selected account is removed when switching between accounts (Bug 566825)
  • Remove duplicate certificate in chain from S/MIME signed emails (Bug 354273)
  • Use correct date for mail imported from Outlook Sent folder (avoid timezone confusion) (Bug 309932)
  • Make the internal archiving code work for any set of messages, thus being nicer to extensions (Bug 570578)
  • Make archiving of read-only folders do a copy, not a move (Bug 573278)
  • Rename "Unsent Messages" to "Outbox" (Bug 475511)
  • Alert undoing IMAP delete (Bug 571800)
  • Do not crash when subscribed to IMAP folder '/' (Bug 562104)
  • Restore ability to save or detach IMAP attachments (Bug 572065)
  • Add ability to open mork DBs asynchronously (Bug 570582)
  • Handle multiline subject headers that contain CR+HTAB instead of CR+SPC correctly (Bug 460443)
Address Book:
  • Make Mailing List dialog resizable (Bug 534831)
  • Use instead of spacers to align the labels in the Mailing List dialog header sections (Bug 555452)
Download Manager:
  • Make downloads work if temporary directory is encrypted on Windows (Bug 199473)
  • Add possibility to drag URL/file to/from SeaMonkey's Download Manager (copy/move to desktop/folder) (Bug 192728)
  • Make downloads list honor Always Remember Helper Application (Bug 569898)
  • Avoid disk cache overflow when downloading large files (Bug 443067)
  • Honor pref (Windows policy settings integration) (Bug 569204)
  • Update Modern theme for HTML5 video controls CSS transition (Bug 558746)
  • Add libvpx VP8 decoding library / WebM (Bug 566247)
  • Add HTMLMediaElement.canPlayType support for WebM (Bug 566245)
  • Implement a raw video decoder (Bug 508082)
  • Increase the default media cache size from 50MB to 500MB (Bug 572235)
Session Store:
  • Do not write sessionstore.js to disk for read-only events (Bug 558646)
  • Restore windows at the saved position without moving them around on the screen (Bug 558641)
  • Allow 3rd party cookies for session only (Bug 565475)
  • Change default to allow third party session cookies (Bug 570630)
  • Make sure that the Location Bar does not stop working and not allow any input (Bug 567655)
  • Make sure no tabs are stuck in zombie mode (Bug 558996)
  • Replace "Download retention" with "Download history" in Browser preferences [ (Bug 566484)
  • Add new Add-on Manager UI preferences (Bug 554007, Bug 561600)
  • Remove extensions.getMore* preferences (Bug 530102)
  • Add a pref to disable accelerated layers by force (Bug 565387)
  • Show jemalloc stats in about:memory on Linux (Bug 557935)
  • Make changes to the GTK widget to support GL accelerated rendering (Bug 565833)
  • Implement OpenType font shaping using HarfBuzz and provide a pref to use this or platform back-end (Bug 449292)
Mac: Certificates:
  • Disable the Get Certificate button on the Certificate exception dialog when the certificate is being retrieved in the background (Bug 523742)
  • Add build option "--with-debug-label" (Bug 565191)
  • Allow a single option to control tag/revision to pull in (Bug 556394)
  • Require system libpng to be at version 1.4.1 or later (Bug 551438)
  • Add jemalloc support for Windows x64 build (VC 2005 / 2008) (Bug 521193)
  • Implement input type="tel" (Bug 557620)
  • Implement input type="search" (Bug 456229)
  • Implement autofocus attribute (Bug 546995)
  • Implement control attribute for label element (Bug 562932)
  • Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls form "image/*" (Bug 377624)
  • Let select size default to 4 when 'multiple' attribute is present (Bug 551846)
  • Remove support for table@align=abscenter/absmiddle/middle (Bug 559834)
  • Enable Web Sockets (Bug 472529)
  • Rename -moz-background-size to background-size. (Bug 549809)
  • Add support for background-clip and background-origin in the background shorthand (Bug 549809)
  • Add -moz-background-clip: content (Bug 549809)
  • Remove -moz- prefix from (-moz-background-origin|-moz-background-clip|-moz-background-size) (Bug 570939)
  • Make site icons work in Places (History window for now, bookmarks once switched) (Bug 554908)
  • Highlight odd tree rows in trees with multiple columns in Gnomestripe and Pinstripe themes. Implement and use ::-moz-tree-row(multicol) (Bug 282127)
  • Implement new Add-on Manager UI for SeaMonkey (about:addons) (Bug 561600)
  • Add notification bar hook for new Add-on Manager (Bug 561600)
  • Make notification bars open the Add-on Manager in browser rather than its own window (Bug 572049)
  • Catch and handle nicely 'malformed URI sequence' when migrating passwords from the legacy storage to the new (Bug 530079)
  • Open the Add-on Manager in a tab (Bug 566905)
  • Add about:support (Troubleshooting Information page), including Help menu item (Bug 545110)
  • Use D3D9 layers back-end as the preferred hardware back-end for Windows (Bug 546515)
  • Do not copy elements with visibility:hidden, visibility:collapse, or display:none to the clipboard (Bug 39098)
  • Enable Cleartype content rendering by default on Windows XP (Bug 504698)
  • Overlay Suite features onto Toolkit View Source window and use that instead of an own implementation (Bug 411754)
  • Make View Source optionally open in text/plain helper application (ExternalViewSource) (Bug 8589)
  • Disable forcing on Cleartype for system fonts for now (Bug 504698)
  • Make sure non-ASCII characters are decoded correctly after using Customize on a toolbar (Bug 479107)
  • Implement Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS) support in Windows font back-end (Bug 552460)
  • Increase the maximum number of disk cache entries from 8192 to 16384 (Bug 175600)
  • Implement core support for RFC-2597/2598/3168 Quality-of-Service (DSCP) marking (Bug 529921)
  • Enable relimit (JavaScript RegExp-related) by default and find out if it breaks the Web (Bug 452451)
  • Port GetDefaultFeedReader to SeaMonkey shell service (Bug 471346)
  • Do not show website favicon during toolbar customisation (Bug 569318)
  • Remove navigator.preference (Bug 568059)
  • Make sure a web page generated by POST is not retried as GET when Save Frame As is used and the page is no longer in the cache (Bug 485196)
  • Add support for STIX Fonts 1.0 to MathML (Bug 569195)
  • Make sure carret does not disappear when clicking in an empty contenteditable element that has focus (Bug 550434)
  • Allow listing directories on Sysax FTP server (Bug 523127)
  • Deliver a better English language dictionary (Bug 479334)
  • Remove Gopher support (Bug 388195)
  • Stop reading/writing xpti.dat and incrementally loading XPT files (Bug 570488)
  • Prevent Customize toolbar sheet from moving when selecting the show dropdown menu (Bug 566424)
  • Implement Firefox TabBrowser API: loadTabs(), loadOneTab() and change addTab() to get feature parity (Bug 558614)
  • Implement Firefox TabBrowser API: getIcon() (Bug 558673)
  • Make Search and Go buttons widgets for browser customizable toolbar (Bug 529647)
  • Use transparent resizer images (Bug 554810)
  • Make copying/pasting lists not add # in plain text mode (Bug 365805)
  • Use the uninstall.log to uninstall the previous version before installing when upgrading an existing install (Bug 367539)

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