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Friday, August 27, 2010

2.1 Alpha 3 Roundup

Here it is, with a small delay: The SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 3 Roundup.

Since the last alpha, some major changes appeared on trunk. KaiRo was especially busy, landing both Places-based bookmarks and Lightweight Themes (Personas) support for the browser, and his Data Manager integration has already gone through several reviews. As always, the SeaMonkey 2.1 features page gives a good impression of the overall progress.

Developers will surely appreciate that the JavaScript Debugger (Venkman) is usable again after the XPCOM components registration changes broke it.

For the platform changes, have a look at the Firefox Beta release notes (b2, b3, b4).

  • set correct file permissions when saving or detaching an attachment (Bug 533976)
  • if SMTP server doesn't advertise auth mechanisms, try to send mail directly (Bug 534158)
  • add option to keep the folders structure when archiving (no configuration UI yet, pref example: mail.server.server1.archive_keep_folder_structure) (Bug 573392)
  • do not display return receipt notification bar for local mail after the first time the user responds to the request (Bug 558543)
  • fix pasting images into the Compose window (Bug 572637)
  • make sure clicking Get Mail for POP twice or during startup (while first round not finished) does not show alert "This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is complete to get messages." (Bug 392680)
  • make sure setting POP/IMAP port to the default value for the security setting that is not selected does not get reset (Bug 580764)
  • make sure importing HTML mail from Outlook does not import emails as plain text (Bug 250878)
  • fix loading multipart/mixed messages from the memory/disk cache (non-offline IMAP) (Bug 565852)
  • do not fetch audio parts inline when doing IMAP mime parts on demand (Bug 584523)
  • make sure title value of HTML signature file does not show up in signature (Bug 572290)
  • make sure imported Japanese email from Outlook does not show as garbled text (Bug 547119)
  • make sure to display multipart/alternative messages with inline part and text/plain part (when name of Content-Type and/or filename of Content-Disposition: inline is specified for mail body part with text/xxx in multipart/alternative) (Bug 551698)
  • fix handling of stat errors and do not stat noselect folders when checking individual folders for new messages (Bug 581707)
  • fix saving authentication method "normal password" as a preference (Bug 580270)
Address Book:
  • make Address Book toolbars customizable (Bug 575956)
  • remove old bookmarks system code (Bug 580663)
  • add management UI for Places-based bookmarks (Bug 580662)
  • switch browser UI to Places-based bookmarks (Bug 580660)
  • initialize and migrate Places-based bookmarks (Bug 580658)
  • add new Places core for bookmarks (and history) (Bug 580656)
  • make the Modern theme work nicely with Places-based bookmarks (Bug 584752)
  • remove double separator in menu of Bookmarks button in the Personal Toolbar (Bug 586050)
Download Manager:
  • make sure executing files via the Download Manager causes Win7 compatibility mode to apply to the downloaded file and not the application (Bug 567497)
  • update Help for new Link Behavior preference panel (Bug 574609)
  • remove references to nonexistent IDs from Help (excluding those of two follow-up bugs) (Bug 582710)
DOM Inspector:
  • fix menu bar keyboard navigation issue (Bug 346725)
  • make strings in the XBL Bindings viewer easier to read (Bug 586149)
JavaScript Debugger (Venkman):
  • load script source for files loaded by mozIJSSubScriptLoader.loadSubScript (Bug 449673)
  • update for the new component registration world (Bug 576869)
  • fix Display Profile Data to actually show something (Bug 460633)
  • display array elements in sequence when an array is expanded (Bug 213494)
  • exclude add-on components when excluding chrome files (Bug 356267)
  • implement the accept attribute for audio/*, video/* (Bug 565272)
  • buffer non-autobuffer videos upon first playback to ensure smooth playback (Bug 543769)
  • send correct Accept header when requesting video and audio resources (Bug 489071)
  • fix sound output via libesd if no esound daemon is running (Bug 579877)
  • add Ogg support for HTMLMediaElement.buffered (Bug 462957)
  • add WAV support for HTMLMediaElement.buffered (Bug 462957)
  • add on* event handler property support for media events (Bug 569301)
  • move the Link Behaviour preferences from the tabs pane to a separate pane (Bug 570970)
  • remove redundant pref-offline UI which was commented out since 2001 (Bug 577514)
  • perform case-insensitive comparison in the Add Languages dialog (e.g. find match between "en-US", set via intl.accept_languages, and "en-us") (Bug 370387)
Add-on Manager:
  • make dragging the menubar drag the window on GTK themes where that should work (and also fix GTK resize drags to initialize drag better) (Bug 566480)
  • add a scriptable interface to operating-system performance measurement APIs (Linux only for now) (Bug 568863)
  • make lightweight themes / Personas work with the browser on Mac (Bug 579737)
  • fix query icon for new Places UI (Bug 586026)
  • add toggletoolbar=true to the windows that should have a Mac toolbar toggle pill (Bug 536904)
  • add --disable-webm besides --disable-wave and --disable-ogg to configure for non-audio environment (Bug 572635)
  • add -r/--rev option to control tag/revision to pull in (Bug 556394)
  • make it even easier to build with pymake (set MOZ_OBJDIR and detect TOPSRCDIR automatically) (Bug 572529)
  • add configure option (--with-ccache) to use ccache (Bug 577636)
  • make --with-ccache more powerful (add ability to detect ccache automatically) (Bug 579704)
  • require yasm for architectures where we have code for it (Bug 582955)
  • add jemalloc support for Windows x64 build (VC 2005/2008) (Bug 572937)
  • use showIncludes for a substantial build perf win with pymake (Bug 518136)
  • default to tabbed browsing (Bug 505311)
  • change Restart dialog button labels from Cancel/Restart to Restart Later/Now (Bug 561176)
  • make lightweight themes / Personas work with the browser window (Bug 563261)
  • make the tab bar look better in the default theme, including lightweight themes (Bug 579732)
  • improve the security button look in the default theme (Bug 579731)
  • default to Find toolbar instead of inline FAYT/Find dialog (Bug 97023)
  • focus FAYT/Find on correct tab so that it returns correct results (Bug 584630)
  • make sure making changes in Page Info Permissions take effect on HTTPS sites (Bug 579747)
  • draw Page Info tabs correctly (Bug 581686)
  • remove gopher references from SeaMonkey code (Bug 572389)
  • make about: link the SeaMonkey website and release notes, override Toolkit's about: (Bug 555939)
  • make tabbrowser tell Gecko which tab is active and which is not (Bug 585264)
  • load favicon images into faviconService when allowed to (Bug 585515)
  • make sure favicons are set on the right tab (Bug 585511)
  • add error console logging for missing/incorrect command-line handlers (Bug 579497)
  • use GDI shaper by default on Windows XP and handle bitmap fonts better (Bug 561304)
  • ignore 'www.' when searching in the location bar (strip out www. from found URLs and the query after already stripping off http:// etc. (Bug 461483)
  • make sure windows are never movable in fullscreen mode (Bug 574861)
  • bump Gecko version to 2.0x (Bug 570022)
  • switch back to the default theme if the previous theme is made incompatible by an application update (Bug 565064)
  • remove xpti.dat caching which harms us in runtime and code complexity (Bug 570488)
  • make about:cache and about:cache-entry pretty (Bug 538813)
  • do not send the useless crypto token in the UA string (Bug 572668)
  • remove the UI language from the UA string and navigator.appVersion (Bug 572656)
  • remove "Windows;" from the UA string (Bug 581783)
  • a tag with target attribute and'foo', 'bar') should not be treated identically by (Bug 351235)
  • change -moz-resize to resize (Bug 553576)
  • do not create temporary moz-screenshot.jpg when pasting images into rich text editors (Bug 490879)
  • do not hard code get_discard_timer_ms, use a pref (image.mem.min_discard_timeout_ms) instead (Bug 478398)
  • implement -moz-font-feature-settings and -moz-font-language-override in CSS (Bug 511339)
  • reorder size and position events in nsXULWindow so windows are positioned before they are shown (Bug 574690)
  • implement the SVG load event in text/html, make the SVG load event in XML async and only supported on svg tag (Bug 552938)
  • check X-Frame-Options header and redirect to about:blank if need be (Bug 475530)
  • split about:memory reporting into more detailed sections for SQLite (Bug 575667)
  • speed up createElement() (Bug 566466)
  • support undo uninstall for restartless and already disabled add-ons (Bug 553494)
  • implement -moz-appearance: button-arrow-up/down/next/previous (Bug 412773)
  • support TrueType kerning in the harfbuzz font shaper back-end (Bug 575695)
  • support a.text as defined in HTML5 (Bug 573258)
  • add support for signed AUS update snippet (Bug 544442)
  • implement the HTML5 hidden attribute (Bug 567663)
  • add experimental MozTouch events (Bug 508906)
  • do not trigger multiple Master Password prompts when filling form logins in multiple tab (Bug 499233)
  • make InstallTrigger support cross-process communication (asynchronous with an optional callback) (Bug 550936)
  • enable TLS false start by default and add a pref (security.ssl.enable_false_start) to disable it (Bug 583908)
  • prevent a body-less window (title bar only) from appearing at the upper left corner of the screen (Bug 579421)
  • prevent toolbar elements from losing the command attribute when removing and reinserting them (Bug 540838)
  • enable WebGL shader validation and remove obsolete texture API (Bug 584815)
  • add ANGLE/D3D WebGL support (Bug 583838)
  • add pref (accessibility.mouse_focuses_formcontrol) to allow form elements to be focused when clicked (Bug 577316)
  • make pc, in, mm and cm be a fixed number of CSS pixels (Bug 537890)

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  • Jens, with the new release of Seamonkey 2.2, one gets at the What's new page at the text "See the SeaMonkey Trunk Tracker for a more comprehensive list of fixes." which links to This page gives the Seamonkey 2.1 Beta 2 Roundup changes. Is this the info that is supposed to show?

    Regards, Johannes

    By Blogger Johannes, at 5:26 PM  

  • Links removed.

    By Blogger Jens, at 3:59 PM  

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