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Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year

Progress: Customizable toolbars are getting nearer through a change of elements used to display buttons (Bug 407931) and more Preferences panes have been migrated to the new dialog (images: Bug 410950, history: Bug 411028).

Compiling: Default optimization options (for --enable-optimize) are set internally now instead of the default mozconfig file (Bug 410414). The monospaced font for MozillaBuild has been set to "Courier New" now to prevent correct display (Bug 382760).

Composer: A button image in the table properties dialog has been finally fixed (Bug 406416).

JavaScript Debugger: Watches can be opened beyond the first level now (Bug 410943).

GTK/Linux: GTK shutdown code should be a little faster now (Bug 409471), hints for Internet Explorer users will now be hidden on Linux (Bug 396105) and the size of tree view expanders has been corrected (Bug 408990).

MailNews: Some operations on a large number of messages should be faster now (Bug 410369) and wrapping information (Bug 155622), return receipts and vCard information (Bug 216479) be preserved when re-editing messages. More messages and attachments should be displayed correctly now that messages containing mixed upper/lower case (Bug 409962) or empty (Bug 155537) content types are processed accordingly. Attaching messages no longer adds an ".eml" extension that could confuse virus scanners (Bug 380354). Mail folders with special characters should be displayed correctly in the Location field of mail folder properties now (Bug 398117). Finally, the "Card For" prefix has been removed from the print view of address books (Bug 396588).

ChatZilla: ChatZilla is now built as a SeaMonkey add-on (Bug 351715). The userlist is updated correctly even when it was hidden now (Bug 411013). The new auto-away feature (Bug 382085) was optimized for providing only useful information (Bug 410974). All columns except the one containing actual messages prevent wrapping now (Bug 388155).

General: Problems with special characters in application directory path names (Bug 396052) and local file names (Bug 410610) have been fixed, search plugins should be taken care of during profile migration (Bug 386337) and JSON is supported natively now (Bug 387522).

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