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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beta 2 Roundup

Not too long ago I told you there will be a second Beta. Now, only one and a half months later, SeaMonkey 2 Beta 2 has been tagged. Things are progressing fast, especially compared to the time it took between Alpha 3 and Beta 1. The upcoming Beta release is considered feature complete, i.e. no major changes are expected to land between now and the release of SeaMonkey 2.0. That also means that approval is required from now on for anything that is to be checked in for SeaMonkey.

So, what is new? First and foremost Thunderbird's tabbed interface (Tabmail) was ported to MailNews. Moving that blocker out of the way put Lightning integration within reach. Other notable changes include:
  • the creation of SMILE, a combination of FUEL and STEEL
  • the ability to delete/cut bookmarks from the bookmarks search view, where deleted bookmarks no longer appear
  • the ability to reopen closed browser windows (Undo Close Window)
  • the ability to apply more actions (e.g. Remove) to multiple selected downloads
  • the ability to choose whether to retry authentication or enter a new password when login fails in MailNews (instead of just forgetting the old saved password)

The following list should cover all noteworthy changes that were made between since Beta 1 (except Forgotten Fixes of course):

Forgotten Fixes
  • add hidden pref to turn off virus scanning on downloads ( (Bug 412204)
  • support multiple spam corpus files (backend) (Bug 506397)
  • Modern theme update / changes in global (partly fixed) (Bug 465924)
  • port jminta's kill-RDF to SeaMonkey where applicable (partly fixed) (Bug 460953)
  • replace RDF-driven folder pane with a JS-driven/non-RDF treeview (initial changes made) (Bug 507601)
  • Drop the redundant /resources/ in mailnews directories (Bug 490118)
  • lessen number of cases where restart is required on application update due to MAPI DLLs being in use (Bug 497424)
  • remove never-used prefs mail.default_cc and news.default_cc (Bug 502041)
  • add pluggable filter lists (allow extensions to create their own) (Bug 503668)
  • allow to fetch mail with Movemail account despite having no write privileges in mail spool dir (Bug 384774)
  • rename Retention Policy option "Use server defaults" to "Use my account settings" (Bug 464355)
  • make sure message/rfc822 attachments of saved messages do not open blank (read attachment size) (Bug 351064)
  • check for (and add if needed) mozilla envelope line (From: ) and check file size when copying non-Mozilla eml files (Bug 499304)
  • make local body search work with Base64-encoded body (Bug 132340)
  • allow to change "and place my signature" pref irrespective of whether signature is set or not (Bug 277187)
  • make sure messages display in standalone message window on Mac with Default Theme (Bug 506019)
  • do not crash when downloading many messages with "copy all" filter enabled (Bug 313026)
  • fix invalidation of view lines when moving threads on incoming mail (Bug 504297)
  • make sure new message added to an open threaded cross-folder saved search gets added in the right place (Bug 505321)
  • make sure Undo Delete Message (Ctrl+Z) does not erase messages from Trash (Bug 323875)
  • make sure copying messages without trailing CR/LF does not skip last line (Bug 498978)
  • fix display of header values with unencoded special characters (Bug 468351)
  • make prefs to mark all RSS or NNTP messages read when exiting the folder work again (Bug 503624)
  • prevent false positives when searching offline newsgroup (NNTP) and IMAP messages bodies (Bug 249841)
  • neither guess type nor silently add extension when using Save As dialog (additionally removed All Files filter) (Bug 340168)
  • make sure POP/IMAP/SMTP server passwords are not inappropriately forgotten (ask whether to retry or enter new password if login failed) (Bug 121647)
  • do not crash when creating message view (insert message at end of view instead) (Bug 492571)
  • do not crash while getting message after renaming a virtual folder (Bug 383584)
  • remove useless @ sign behind email address box on Movemail identity page (Bug 505589)
  • make renaming mail folder by clicking OK in rename dialog work again (Bug 506004)
  • auto-assign meaningful name when creating new filter (based on first search term) (Bug 457745)
  • make sure dock icon shows correct number of unread messages on Mac (counts only inboxes by default, pref: mail.notification.count.inbox_only) (Bug 274688)
  • do not crash when parsing MIME multipart line (Bug 482879)
  • implement new choices for matching criteria (doesn't contain, isn't) for custom header MailViews and Search (Bug 238816)
  • disable Message Filters menu item when no accounts are set up (Bug 506510)
  • make "Send unsent messages" command work again (Bug 505672)
  • add submenu to "Create a new message" button allowing to choose whether to compose in HTML or Plain Text (Bug 16908)
  • highlight default action in submenu of "Create a new message" button (Bug 507871)
  • do not crash when marking thread read (in virtual folder) (Bug 503811)
  • make sure Move step of "Copy then Move" action in single filter rule is executed (Bug 448337)
  • throw an error if mailbox would grow larger than 4GB in size (Bug 387502)
  • do not require restart to get localized folder names (Drafts/Junk/Sent/Templates/Archives name in folderpane tree) (Bug 467527)
  • do not require restart to get localized folder names (SeaMonkey Archives part) (Bug 508056)
  • do not require restart to get localized folder names (IMAP case) (Bug 508026)
  • make virtual folder watching mails with status NEW display correct counts (Bug 372372)
  • show full newsgroup name as tooltip on hover of group name (whether that is abbreviated or not) (Bug 174234)
  • set search scope correctly for custom search terms (Bug 510249)
  • do not issue EXPUNGE for \Noselect IMAP folders and virtual folders when invoking File/Compact Folders (Bug 510645)
  • allow to run mail classification (Junk filter) before normal filters (per-filter setting in Filter Rules dialog) (Bug 198100)
  • make sure text boxes (News Feeds, Folder Properties) containing domains/URLs stay LTR when UI is RTL (Bug 477842)
  • do not crash when deleting local folder including saved search subfolder (Bug 505974)
  • fix "Save as text" corruption where non-ASCII mail 3-byte escape sequence split to two buffers (Bug 269812)
  • do not crash when renaming IMAP folder (Bug 486485)
  • support both standard and non-standard MIME types application/x-pkcs7-mime and application/x-pkcs7-signature (with and without x- prefix) (Bug 436869)
  • make per-folder filters on newsgroups editable again (Bug 512110)
  • improve look of the inline attachment separator (show attachment filename) (Bug 509616)
  • improve look of the inline attachment separator (SeaMonkey part) (Bug 512454)
  • make "Check for new mail at startup" work without "Automatically download new messages" again (POP) (Bug 458625)
  • make subscribing to feed (triggered by external application) work if no RSS account present (Bug 474709)
  • re-enable IMAP subscription for servers that support XLIST (like GMail) (Bug 493455)
  • fix various causes of corruption of offline IMAP store (Bug 468595)
  • make sure check for new mail interval is calculated correctly (Bug 509747)
  • make sure Filter Rules dialog is not corrupted when there are many rules (Bug 506199)
  • make sure list content popups do not show up in left up corner of mail windows (Bug 423955)
  • only disable spell checking for citations, not indented text in HTML composition (Bug 492751)
  • port Thunderbird's tabbed interface (Tabmail) to MailNews (Bug 460960)
  • do not crash during address autocomplete (from Outlook address book) (Bug 512678)
  • enable space/time policy for IMAP autosync (pref: mail.server.default.autosync_max_age_days) (Bug 482476)
  • fix threading when a view is active (Bug 505967)
  • allow to drag & drop .eml file into mailbox folder (Bug 499878)
Address Book
  • show LDAP labeledURI field as Website (and support for it to LDIF import) (Bug 263304)
  • allow to search for contacts that include apostrophes (Bug 496970)
  • do not crash when searching Address Book from Sidebar (Bug 280232)
  • add option to add photo/image/picture to contacts (Bug 119459)
Download Manager
  • indicate availability of download progress dialog context menus through WAI-ARIA attribute (Bug 504163)
  • do not treat search terms as regular expressions (Bug 501772)
  • add Ctrl+J as shortcut to invoke Download Manager (Bug 333855)
  • fix import of NOT_STARTED entries in downloads.rdf by changing their status to CANCELED (Bug 495680)
  • reimplement "Properties" (opening Progress Dialog) in new Download Manager (Bug 474620)
  • add start and end date columns to Download Manager (inactive by default) (Bug 180623)
  • add multiple selection support to more download actions (play/pause/resume/retry, stop/cancel/remove) (Bug 474619)
  • make sure deleted bookmarks do not appear in search results window (Bug 123679)
  • add ability to delete/cut bookmarks from search results window (Bug 81893)
  • do not append newline to end of URL when copying single bookmark (Bug 509029)
  • separate bookmarks by newline when copying to clipboard (HTML format) (Bug 509094)
  • switch bookmark transaction system from JS to C++ to prevent memory leaks (Bug 342296)
  • use new Password Manager backend for Publish dialog (Bug 507884)
  • fix History import from SeaMonkey 1.1.x (Bug 484175)
  • make "Delete History for (host|domain)" available in History context menus (Bug 512146)
  • support browser.ssl_override_behavior pref for "Add Exception" on SSL error pages (Bug 431940)
  • do not show "SSL is disabled" error when SSL3 is disabled (but TLS enabled) (Bug 368130)
  • make MOZ_MEDIA work on OS/2 (Bug 448918)
  • make sure "Pause" changes to "Play" in context menu when end of video is reached (Bug 504337)
  • disable media entries in context menu when media source is invalid (Bug 507002)
  • add View Video to video context menu (Bug 483727)
  • update Help for Certificate Manager tabs (Bug 459566)
  • make the default theme look better on Mac (Bug 460699)
  • add Mac Help key [cmd+?] support to Page Info window (Bug 510773)
  • use correct window titles (without application name) on Mac (Bug 457548)
  • allow to specify path to binary for XSMP session restore (environment variable MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER) (Bug 453689)
  • support 64-bit local file operations like STAT for e.g. removing large files (Bug 389087)
  • add entry for allow/disable/remember Geolocation to Permissions tab in Page Info (Bug 491835)
  • make context menus aware of contentEditable (Bug 503478)
  • update QA "Latest Builds" after removal of nightly/latest-trunk symlink (Bug 504283)
  • respect locale for file size and image dimensions in MetaData Properties and Page Info windows (Bug 252043)
  • use SetProcessDEPPolicy to enable NX on Windows XP SP3 (Bug 479667)
  • add ability to load plugins from "plugins" directory in profile directory (Bug 475383)
  • change key for "open link in opposite of default" from Shift+Ins to Alt+Ins to resolve conflict with alternate paste key (Bug 505141)
  • make sure "View MathML source" does not show a blank window (Bug 505212)
  • make sure collapsed toolbars keep state after returning from full screen mode (Bug 506492)
  • create SMILE (SeaMonkey Interface Library for Extensions) as combination of FUEL and STEEL (Bug 411536)
  • make session restore not hang/stop responding with high CPU load on large forms with many checkboxes (Bug 510652)
  • make sure Location Bar autocomplete does not fill in non-existent URLs (Bug 481836)
  • add Undo Close Window feature (Bug 510890)
  • add mozapps/ to Modern theme (including icons used in Add-ons Manager) (Bug 493022)
  • do not crash with XUL file chooser (Bug 490932)
  • enable emboldening of (DBCS) fonts without bold counterpart for OS/2 (Bug 509317)
  • make sure loading CSS and images succeeds when loading secure (SSL, https) page for the first time (or after "Clear Private Data") (Bug 480619)
  • ship an add-on blocklist by default (Bug 505832)
  • improve identity display on security tab (Bug 498618)
  • do not change file type icon for HTML files to mail when upgrading SeaMonkey (Bug 507896)

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