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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moving On

Finally the switch has been made. SeaMonkey trunk is now on Mercurial (hg), residing in the shared Thunderbird/Calendar/SeaMonkey repository called comm-central and pulling in Gecko and other core components from the Firefox/core repository called mozilla-central. That also means that Gecko 1.9.1pre is now used for SeaMonkey nightly builds, including recent improvements like support for Canvas text and CSS3 properties like text-shadow, border-image and pseudo classes. The CVS trunk is mostly dead now as far as SeaMonkey is concerned. The switch also means that there will be no SeaMonkey release with Gecko 1.9.0 (the rendering engine of Firefox 3.0); SeaMonkey will just skip it and (probably) go with Gecko 1.9.1 when it ships.

Concerning the new hg web interface, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, there are RSS feeds available, which is good, but unlike with Bonsai, bug numbers are not linked and there doesn't seem to be a way to specify query time ranges or show affected files per each changeset in an overview, all of which is unfortunate from the perspective of a trunk tracker.

The splitting-up of the repositories, on the other hand, gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the SeaMonkey and MailNews parts of development. I will probably reduce reporting about Gecko and core changes to the most noteworthy news, partly because it greatly reduces my workload but also because it's getting increasingly hard to sort out all the Firefox-only changes from the mozilla-central repository.

  • add attribute to restore treelines on XUL trees (prerequisite to restoring missing treelines in MailNews) (Bug 430852)
  • Preferences window: Composer / New Page Settings (Bug 435079)
  • allow to disable marking a message as read when viewed (Bug 297534)
  • Ignore (kill) a subthread (now also with frontend) (Bug 11054)
  • add Not Deleted view for IMAP with delete model active (Bug 190974)
  • make Run Junk Mail Controls work on selected messages again (Bug 324953)
  • set IMAP keywords for junk messages during manual junk analysis (Run Junk Mail Controls) (Bug 438654)
  • migrate SSL/port number/root folder when importing account settings from Outlook Express (Bug 262641)
  • do not show escaped name for IMAP saved searches with spaces in the name (Bug 445403)
  • do not create unneeded .sbd folder when adding IMAP saved search (Bug 445343)
  • when offline, check memory cache for IMAP/news messages (Bug 213729)
  • should look in mem cache for messages when offline (Bug 213729)
  • display warning when sending return receipt fails (Bug 386158)
  • use better chunk size calculation when mail.imap.fetch_by_chunks is active (speed up sending of large emails) (Bug 425849)
  • make "next" shortcut in account setup for News, Server information panel work (Bug 443908)
  • add missing twisty icons for email address lists (Bug 383532)
  • do not change/force selection upon issuing Delete Mail Marked as Junk (Bug 200138)
  • display custom columns added by extensions while in "grouped by sort" (Bug 373967)
  • correctly update unread count in virtual folders when headers (e.g. junkpercent) change (Bug 428427)
  • enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI (Bug 436794)
  • preserve junkstatusorigin and junkpercent when moving IMAP junk message (Bug 443993)
  • do not allow to re-detach detached attachments (Bug 416284)
  • (re)add ability to create Movemail account (Bug 443808)
  • remember (by default) user's client certificate selection for current session (already included in SM 1.1.10) (Bug 431819)
  • go to beginning/end of line when pressing up/down arrows on Mac (Bug 440515)
  • add "Send Link" to link context menus (Bug 137007)
  • update help for new Helper Applications pane (Bug 421084)
  • add Catalan to source l10n (Bug 445139)
  • Use different IDs for preferences panels' elements (Bug 446027)
  • display error when install fails due to missing install.rdf (Bug 436207)
  • do not crash when loading a Saved Search Folder (Bug 369918)

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  • Hey Jens, just to inform you from the switch to mozilla-central we pick up the (never landed in CVS) fix for Bug 440932; Telling you here since I guess you would have missed it otherwise.

    By Blogger Callek, at 2:40 AM  

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