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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Now That You're Gone

After the release of Firefox 3 and in preparation for Firefox 3.1 / Mozilla 1.9.1, the trunk has switched from CVS to Mercurial for Firefox, Gecko, Toolkit and most other Mozilla core components. The new repository is called mozilla-central. SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Calendar and other projects haven't made the switch yet but at least for the three mentioned above, a Mercurial repository called comm-central has been be set up but not yet filled. In the meantime, SeaMonkey and MailNews development continues on the CVS trunk (sort of 1.9.0.x). The below is taken from there, ignoring Mercurial for now (Bugzilla integration, anyone?).

  • add ability to set certificate per mail identity (Bug 278549)
  • quote just the selected portion of a message during Reply (Bug 23394)
  • allow signature to be placed above the quoted text when forwarding messages (Bug 273114)
  • allow editing LDAP directory entry using double click (Bug 342934)
  • close LDAP connection when closing compose window with open address book sidebar (Bug 321271)
  • add pseudo-offline IMAP delete and move support (Bug 435153)
  • support Windows x64 build for mailnews (Bug 438533)
  • enable junk token limit (100000) (Bug 437098)
  • restore capability to use Tags (formerly Labels) as filter criterion, including "is empty" condition (Bug 217034)
  • add wbr tag to list of allowed tags for simple HTML view (support YahooGroups emails) (Bug 439601)
  • allow adding tags with names that are a substring of other tags' names (Bug 439548)
  • allow filter of "To or CC" to use "is in Address Book..." and "is not in Address Book..." (Bug 187768)
  • do not freeze up when adding tags with names that are a substring of other tags' names (Bug 433175)
  • prevent data loss when switching folders while Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder is running (Bug 438805)
  • Add Junk Score Origin and Junk Percent to search and mail views (Bug 414179)
  • do not log NNTP XPAT twice (Bug 64580)
  • add missing error checks in search views (Bug 441914)
  • fix memory leak after closing message window (Bug 365723)
  • check identity's LDAP preference before global one to retrieve user certificates (Bug 392016)
  • make Get All New Messages, retrieval at specified times and at startup work with Movemail accounts (Bug 278383)
  • handle Keynote files correctly when sending as attachments (Bug 372786)
  • remove x- prefix from application/x-pkcs7-mime and application/x-pkcs7-signature MIME types (Bug 436869)
  • do not erase address in compose window when LDAP lookup fails (Bug 366837)
Address Book
  • display all-numeric channel names as links (Bug 433703)
  • make multiline mode go away on paste (Bug 417196)
  • add Cancel button to topic edit mode (keep changes when losing focus) (Bug 399450)
  • make nicknames of messages to another view clickable (Bug 436871)
  • improve CTCP detection (start of line, not inline) (Bug 437184)
  • enable wrapping when line is made up of small blocks of processed (e.g. colored) text (Bug 416749)
  • handle malformed awayMsgs.txt (rename it and continue startup) (Bug 437375)
  • make CEIP distinguish mouse click events (Bug 439374)
  • do not repeat the same text on every page when using Print Selection (Bug 433284)
  • remove xml-rpc from SeaMonkey build (Bug 438676)
  • allow to turn off offline mode detection by adding new pref toolkit.networkmanager.disable (workaround for when NetworkManager is running but not controlling the active network interface, e.g. when using PPP) (Bug 424626)
  • change "Block images from this server" to "Block images from (server name)" (Bug 93390)
  • do not crash MailNews when a script is importing an address book and a field map is required but not set (Bug 437556)
  • do not crash when importing Outlook email (Bug 440185)
  • do not crash when importing Outlook contact CSV data file (Bug 440190)

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  • "The below is taken from there, ignoring Mercurial for now (Bugzilla integration, anyone?)."

    I've got a script for integrating Bugzilla and Mercurial, perhaps you might know someone who would find it of interest.

    By Blogger fallout, at 7:57 PM  


    As a clickable url
    (auto linking urls would be a welcome enhancement anytime Google)

    By Blogger fallout, at 7:59 PM  

  • I guess I wasn't precise enough. What I need is a better hg web interface, including Bugzilla bug linking, the ability to show changes from certain time periods (e.g. last 48 hours or from/to certain dates) and which files were affected, all on the same page. Or maybe an RSS feed that allows to filter on the client side.

    Nevertheless, what you suggested is probably what other people refer to when they say "Bugzilla integration". Maybe they are interested in your work.

    By Blogger Jens, at 9:10 PM  

  • Hmm, I just found that there already is an RSS feed available:
    Still, bugs are not linked and you cannot see which files were affected...

    By Blogger Jens, at 9:24 PM  

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