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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The "PlanetMo, Here We Come" Roundup

First of all I'd like to welcome first-time readers of my blog, especially those reading Planet Mozilla. The intention of this effort is to keep me and others interested in SeaMonkey development informed about the ongoing changes of the SeaMonkey trunk.

Sometimes you may find that certain changes listed here do not actually apply to SeaMonkey. In those cases, please keep in mind that it's not always easy to see whether a Core bug affects the suite or not. I do not watch the effects of each and every candidate checkin either. And of course there is no guarantee that the summaries I create are complete. For example, I'm trying to leave out changes that have no perceptible impact at all (like backend restructuring). Yet it does happen that I miss changes, even important ones, but luckily KaiRo and others post status updates, too. :-)

  • The work on automatic updates for SeaMonkey (Bug 408190) is going on and accompanied by improvements like avoiding modal dialogs (Bug 391598).
  • The Tabbed Browsing (Bug 411620) and Appearance (Bug 411215) panes have been migrated to the new Preferences window which received some padding fixes for the Modern theme (Bug 412167).

  • Several major crash bugs have seen checkins (Bug 355333: crash when moving or deleting IMAP messages, Bug 410320: crash when deleting mail if two windows for one mail are opened, Bug 412268: crash with no actual selection).
  • The address book's card properties dialog (Bug 322243) and import dialog (Bug 329442) as well as the Offline preferences (Bug 329441) received some l10n cleanups (accesskeys, labels).
  • Message filters that only tag a message are logged now (Bug 410553).
  • Sending mails to MS Exchange should succeed now even if there are newlines in the hostname (Bug 411132).
  • tmprules.dat files left over after getting new messages are deleted now (Bug 375292).

ChatZilla (all included in CZ 0.9.80):
  • If reconnecting is not requested, the reconnect message is suppressed now (Bug 407490).
  • Messages with a mode prefix should be better recognizable (Bug 347456) and WALLOPS messages are displayed now (Bug 379087).
  • Context menu commands like /kick and /ban support multiple (selection) users now (Bug 408527).

  • The scrollbars have been fixed to work with the nodoka theme (Bug 410489), chrome comboboxes show a pushed state (Bug 408578) and click behavior in conjunction with autocomplete/popup widgets has been improved (Bug 188126, Bug 412341).
  • It is now easier to identify a selectbox which has the focus (Bug 412281).
  • The native look of XUL tabs (Bug 265698) and splitters (Bug 257437) has been improved. Due to the latter change, the "grippy" which allowed to collapse e.g. the sidebar got removed, too (probably by accident).
  • XPM is deprecated now (Bug 410215). As a consequence, the window icons have been migrated to PNGs (Bug 411494).
  • The start script can be symlinked now (Bug 384304).

  • Trying to add an exception for nameless certificates fails with a sensible message now (Bug 408432), error pages for certificates with inadequate key usage do not offer to add an exception anymore (Bug 407523) and the dialog asking whether to delete an exception received some polish (Bug 407788).

  • There have been fixes for certain GIF animations (Bug 409878), form controls borders (Bug 410748) and the table contents of FTP listings pages (Bug 412023).
  • Speed improvements have been made for inset/outset borders (Bug 397303) that for example appear with table borders. Also, copying of RBG pixel data has been further improved (Bug 406580).

  • Direct input of filenames into file upload form controls has been disabled some time ago (Bug 258875). Now privileged code (such as from extensions) can prevent the file picker from appearing (Bug 411212).
  • The JavaScript debugger, Venkman, has been migrated to use source localization, i.e. l10n in CVS (Bug 394633). Nightly builds of the extension can now be built using tinderboxes, too (Bug 398711, Bug 410922).
  • Extensions can now be uninstalled using the Delete key in the Extension Manager (Bug 303194).
  • JSON can now be shipped with release builds (Bug 412025).
  • References to former IE platforms have been removed from documentation (Bug 412278).
  • Networking has been sped up a bit through better handling of line ends (Bug 397850).
  • javascript: and data: URLs are prevented from being bookmarked now (Bug 372035).
  • The Page Info dialog is able to show SVG images as images (Bug 410502) and opens the security tab now if the security button is clicked on the status bar (Bug 410391).

New Locales: Norwegian bokmål (Bug 412120), Belarusian (Bug 409797).

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  • 1) In case you're interested, my recent weekly status reports can be found at - but you linked a blog post from in between that probably is more interesting than the status reports themselves ;-)

    2) If there isn't a bug filed on the missing splitter grippies yet, it would be good if someone would file them. If someone does so because of this comment, please CC kairo@ on the bug.

    By Blogger KaiRo, at 1:03 AM  

  • 1) Actually I knew that but figured people would find a link to your other posts or go reading Planet Mozilla right away...

    2) Bug 257437 has been reopened. Ian Spence noted in comment 33 that he will address the grippy regression in his next patch. CC'd you on the bug as requested.

    By Blogger Jens, at 10:06 PM  

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