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Monday, February 25, 2008

Postponed Is Not Abandoned

Until now I have been collecting checkins on a daily basis but never found the time to make up a new post. But not anymore! I finally wrote a PHP script to convert the list for me. Reads a folder of my bookmarks file, generates what you see below. Subfolders become headlines. Just like that. :-)

  • add calendaring support (preliminary steps) (Bug 313822)
  • add support for web feeds (backend) (Bug 240393)
  • add toolbar customization (separate default modes/iconsizes for each toolbar) (Bug 407899)
  • add support for Places (prerequisite) (Bug 415117)
  • improve Mac installer (new icon/image) (Bug 406448)
  • migrate Preference panes (Browser pane cleanup / multiline Homepage textbox: Bug 394522, mouse wheel pref pane updated for zoom pref changes: Bug 417141, debugQA preferences: Bug 412490)
  • add IDs to make it easier for extensions to overlay the menubar (Bug 411481)
  • prevent IMAP messages from disappearing when initial download is aborted (Bug 405440)
  • apply charset header to fields like Subject (Bug 90584)
  • filter news based on any headers (Bug 16913)
  • support the HEAD command for news (Bug 178397)
  • allow to go to another flagged message in standalone message window (Bug 81091)
  • speed up Eudora mail importer (Bug 379515)
  • do not crash while doing nothing in MailNews (Bug 387579)
  • do not hang/lock up on long From lines (Bug 415135)
  • do not crash upon invalid DB view index (Bug 417015)
  • do not lose leading spaces when composing in HTML mode, sending as plain-text (Bug 215068)
  • fix frag and drop insert arrow position for certain themes (Bug 413131)
  • disable user commands submenu for multiple user selection (Bug 412887)
  • display IRCX ONJOIN messages (Bug 303631)
  • show ban list when issuing /ban (Bug 412310)
  • hide preferences that are not intended for end users (Bug 412316)
  • handle messages in hidden tabs correctly (Bug 413125)
  • close own dialogs when closing ChatZilla (Bug 415082)
  • re-use existing windows for -chat command line handler (Bug 416668)
  • update title bar when sending of a DCC file is completed (Bug 386145)
  • do not trigger "/msg" when typing "/ms" (Bug 406957)
  • make auto-linked channels work when server url has flags (Bug 334168)
  • make Enter/Return work in Join Channel dialog (Bug 403749)
  • resolve non-ascii characters in the URL (Bug 242068)
  • make Control-A select all in userlist (Bug 412246)
JavaScript Debugger (Venkman)
  • do not catch mouse event when hitting stop button (Bug 298736)
  • improve setting and console.platform (Bug 397869)
  • package Venkman language packs for the installer (Bug 412778)
  • correctly position image resizers when scrolling page (Bug 364719)
  • save list of pending and successfully submitted crash reports (Bug 365344)
  • delete pending .extra and .dmp files if crash report was chose not to be submitted (Bug 394490)
  • send list of installed extensions (Bug 366973)
  • about:crashes (Bug 411490)
  • add about:crashes support for other applications (Bug 414050)
  • add explicit message if preference isn't set for about:crashes (Bug 414054)
  • add a way for crash report server to tell client to stop sending reports (Bug 412788)
  • allow per-app override of crashreporter.ini (Bug 412989)
  • fix crash reporter description for non-firefox apps (Bug 382128)
  • improve UI (Bug 404855)
  • detect crashes in accessibility code (Bug 381049)
  • URL field accesskey (Bug 417901)
  • update to Breakpad revision 240 (Bug 419346)
  • display print headers in print preview window (Bug 389358)
  • make jump-to-page in print preview go to the right position (Bug 389359)
  • let SeaMonkey print without errors (Bug 394412)
  • generate PostScript Level 2 instead of level 3 code (Bug 406376)
  • do not print transparent backgrounds of images as black under Linux (prefer PS over PDF) (Bug 415425)
  • do not over-print printing of plugin contents (Bug 415285)
  • render borders of form controls correctly in print preview (Bug 374141)
  • print fixed positioned elements no only on first and last pages (Bug 417676)
  • display port number in SSL Client Auth prompt (Bug 409091)
  • make Add Security Exception dialog usable at high dpi (Bug 413623)
  • invalidate certificate exception upon deletion (Bug 416850)
  • update Mozilla trunk to new NSS (Bug 399590)
  • make text inside a filter not cause an invalidation loop (Bug 411555)
  • use fallback paint for zero-sized objectBoundingBox gradients (Bug 368840)
  • make XHTML body magic just like HTML body (Bug 379461)
  • optimize handling of dynamic changes for advanced CSS selectors (Bug 401291)
  • also fixes: dynamically update matching of :empty (Bug 98997)
  • also fixes: restyle for + combinator and content tree changes (Bug 229915)
  • add support for pre-wrap value of white-space (Bug 261081)
  • implement CSS3 CR cursor:none (Bug 346690)
  • let APNG animations loop correctly (Bug 403364)
  • make APNGs not flash while loading (Bug 413933)
  • catch more cases of frame clipping in AGIF/APNG animations (Bug 410111)
  • speed up JPEG decoding by 30% by skipping buffer (Bug 411718)
  • speed up JPEG decoding by another 10% (Bug 412753)
  • speed up image downscaling on Mac (Bug 414685)
  • fix PNG and JPEG encoders to work even if the data is not read all in one huge chunk (Bug 363986)
  • add SSE2 processing for JPEG color (Bug 411379)
  • do not draw lines over background images when zoomed (Bug 413989)
  • optimize same-color images (Bug 371867)
  • support CMYK, YCCK JPEGs (Bug 44781)
  • tell image rendering to use SOURCE instead of OVER (Bug 418494)
  • fix and reenable bilinear filtering for upscaled images (Bug 381661)
  • speed up column rendering (Bug 416630)
  • speed up dealing with binary-data-as-text documents on Mac (Bug 396732)
  • speed up background painting and scrollbar code (Bug 331530)
  • upgrade Cairo to latest git version (Bug 413878)
  • let IFRAME use height of containing element (Bug 412679)
  • disable rendering of some elements when their width or height is zero (Bug 272885)
  • do not overlap floating table (Bug 134706)
  • prevent SetFullZoom from doing unnecessary reflow (Bug 403660)
  • let the radius of border corners cut off the contents of a box (Bug 359568)
  • let full page zoom interact better with image auto zoom (Bug 389756)
  • make SELECT inside lists stay inside containing floated block element (Bug 413840)
  • also fixes: make lists and right floated images get along (Bug 163110)
  • also fixes: draw contents of list items (LIs) correctly around floats (Bug 143162)
  • improve ACID2 support (Bug 400813)
  • apply span changes to colgroups (Bug 404309)
  • fix inconsistent display of vertical scrollbar with overflow:scroll and specified height (Bug 407095)
  • apply correct scrolling with big fonts (Bug 383267)
  • use correct ordered-list numbering within -moz-column-* (Bug 391559)
  • make range.selectNodeContents not throw an error on elements created with document.createElement (Bug 409380)
  • paint scrollbar of iframe with opacity correctly (Bug 376375)
  • speed up reading in font names at startup on Mac (Bug 404310)
  • load in other font family names lazily on Mac (Bug 417444)
  • select correct glyphs when falling back to fonts of different style (Bug 401988)
  • render neutral characters correctly (Bug 339513)
  • display bold/italic text as such with Cairo build if the font is a synthesis font (Bug 333126)
  • improve font matching performance on Mac (Bug 409342)
  • do not render MathML Script Alphabet and other symbols as hex boxes with STIX fonts (Bug 416062)
  • use correct underlining (Bug 402524)
  • repaint overflowed underline when scrolling (Bug 392785)
  • make HTML body not look like body (Bug 410917)
  • make <delete> key delete whole Thai "display cell" (Bug 157546)
  • make setting innerHTML faster (Bug 386769)
  • check for Xrender when using system Cairo (Bug 344818)
  • make debug MailNews builds non-static by default (Bug 414374)
  • use new allocator (jemalloc) (Bug 407459)
  • do not miss files when running make clean / make distclean (Bug 333308)
  • have make clean etc. clean up more (Bug 416377)
  • allow to compile with --disable-static-mail (Bug 329021)
  • remove support for non-Cairo GFX ports (Bug 376790)
  • do not crash in pop-up window on parent.close() (Bug 279505)
  • do not crash when opening filepicker without first appending a filter (Bug 257427)
  • do not crash when DOM is already gone (Bug 416383)
  • do not crash with GIF animation (Bug 411874)
  • do not crash with certain glyphs (Bug 405268)
  • do not crash on bad favicons (Bug 413512)
  • do not crash when loading GIF with malformed LZW stream (Bug 413373)
  • do not crash while trying to print (disable WPO / -GL) (Bug 411369)
  • do not crash when pressing "menu" key on keyboard (Bug 418172)
  • do not crash due to a certain Pango symbol (Bug 414239)
  • add Spanish to SeaMonkey CVS locales (Bug 414204)
  • add Polish to SeaMonkey CVS locales (Bug 416698)
  • add Norwegian bokmal to ChatZilla and Venkman CVS locales (Bug 414163)
  • add Spanish to ChatZilla and Venkman CVS locales (Bug 418690)
  • make automatic updates work with SeaMonkey (AUS) (Bug 408190)
  • make it easier for tabbrowser extensions authors to add SeaMonkey support (Bug 412575)
  • improve spell checker ("alot" correction) (Bug 340634)
  • add many missing words to spellcheck dictionary (Bug 418076)
  • support plugin blocklist notification (Bug 410124)
  • make image requests include image/* in the Accept header (Bug 398066)
  • enable https to run with pipelining (Bug 414477)
  • prohibit chrome directory traversal (local disk access via "flat" addons) (Bug 413250)
  • ignore escaped dots in chrome: uri query parts (Bug 415338)
  • add a "Save Image as..." entry to the context menu for <canvas> (Bug 386808)
  • add missing CSS file to Modern theme to fix selection visibility (Bug 413953)
  • quiet down Add-on compatibility check (hide alerts) (Bug 404726)
  • do not die with 0-byte profiles.ini (Bug 327611)
  • speed up reading TLD data (preprocess effective TLD data into C++ code) (Bug 414122)
  • do not throw "aTarget is null" error when pressing ctrl-z on any xul page (Bug 416564)
  • also fixes: "Error: aTarget has no properties" (Bug 225539)
  • prevent ctrl-z in content window from undoing last bookmarks action (Bug 417961)
  • use unicode … ellipsis instead of triple-dots (...) in SeaMonkey (Bug 417807)
  • change extensions.update.url to not live behind (Bug 416416)
In the light of what I wrote at the beginning you can expect to see me posting here more frequently in the future, even if the amount of checkins explodes like it did in the past weeks. As always, be sure to also read KaiRo's Weekly Status Reports or, if you are eager not miss anything, Planet Mozilla.

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