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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Usual Suspects

  • Filepicker URL selection: change filepicker interface to allow selecting URLs (Bug 412822)
  • Preferences window: add sanitize (clear private data) option (Bug 416233) and package nsSuiteGlue/suitecommon (Bug 420274); add Content panel (part of Appearance panel) (Bug 411215)
  • Automated tests: make browser mochitests run on SeaMonkey (Bug 419826)
  • Customizable toolbars: go back to using old buttonstyle styles (Bug 411648)
  • Wallet to Satchel: make nsLoginManagerPrompter.js implement nsIAuthPrompt (Bug 382437)
  • fix drawing with drawWindow (do not duplicate flash content) (Bug 408898)
  • scroll to correct position for anchors after object tags (Bug 317189)
  • take margins into account for scrolling zero-height/width containing blocks (Bug 416168)
  • apply caption-side correctly to table caption (Bug 363248)
  • set table caption width to table width for margin:auto (Bug 386704)
  • fix position:fixed on OS/2 (Bug 419270)
  • use native styling for drop down controls on Vista in XUL and content area (Bug 418552)
  • make shrink-wrap overflow:auto elements not leave space for scrollbar (Bug 405952)
  • use width, not height, as a quick proxy for whether a line is empty (Bug 418766)
  • enable better scaling on OS/2 (Bug 420438)
  • allow single face font families via pref on Mac (Bug 419370)
  • stop focusing anything except the document in designMode (Bug 406596)
  • add possibility for extensions to delete/detach attachments in the background without user interaction (Bug 415736)
  • import message status (read etc.) from Eudora (Bug 368347)
  • do not reveal local paths for unnamed attachments when forwarding inline or editing as new (Bug 411572)
  • find attachments in other directories when importing from Eudora (Bug 301188)
  • use brand short name instead of "Mail" in "Mail currently sending.... wait?" dialog (Bug 409980)
  • do not crash with PalmSync (Bug 419471)
  • do not crash when clicking Play on Realplayer plugin (Bug 328675)
  • do not crash on startup when compiled with IBM XL C++ v7 (Bug 275004)
  • do not crash in JS engine when aborting applet making Java/JS calls (Bug 410946)
  • respect line breaks in Error console error messages (Bug 415901)
  • prevent tmpfile creation failures due to illegal characters in suggested name (Bug 417780)
  • hide Find updates button on Plugins tab (Add-on Manager) (Bug 417583)
  • add HMAC support (Bug 415799)
  • display cursor in View Source (Bug 394473)
  • invoke Plugin Finder Service for OBJECTs with type attribute but no data attribute (Bug 409025)
  • publish DOM Inspector to (Bug 271812); see DOM Inspector :: SeaMonkey Add-ons
  • make Cmd+Return open focused link in new tab again on Mac (Bug 358379)
  • make Save As remember last saving format again on Mac (Bug 417910)
  • extract native Vista toolbar styles and expose to themes (Bug 419383)
  • allow PHP to parse charset from Content-Type: multipart/form-data in XmlHttpRequest again (Bug 413974)
  • do not post HTTP form again without notice (Bug 413310)
  • do not stop caret movement at punctuation characters in text box editor (Bug 392809)

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