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Monday, March 10, 2008

Printing, Panes and More

  • Preferences window: make loadOverlay fire observer when overlay is overlaid (prerequisite) (Bug 419452), port Firefox application pane as new Helper Applications pane (Bug 417590) and add Modern style and icons (Bug 421081), port Scripts & Plugins pane (Bug 419865), expand initial item if it is a container (Bug 421741)
  • window classes: add a window class to the Default Plugin's window (Bug 283342)
  • make read/unread dot icons centered equally in Classic theme (Bug 373519)
  • import filters from current Eudora (Bug 359255)
  • make delete message work if focus is in header of message preview pane (Bug 419379)
  • allow users to send a crash report and quit the application (Bug 421552)
  • fix plugin print rendering window's coordinates clipping and unit conversion (Bug 418915)
  • do not change size of Page Setup box when switching between Portrait/Landscape (Bug 137091)
  • do not clear/unselect selected text in input box after print preview (Bug 421410)
  • go back to previous setting when hitting Cancel on custom Header/Footer print dialog (Bug 419701)
  • allow window managers like Compiz to identify window types (Menu, PopupMenu, DropdownMenu) (Bug 412954)
  • make drag and drop of graphics add the image rather than a URL in composer (Bug 229327)
  • make Ask Every Time the default for client authentication (was: Select Automatically) due to privacy concerns (Bug 295922)
  • cache codepoints for which no font matches on Windows (Bug 419757)
  • fallback to lighter weights for font weight 500 on Mac (Bug 420822)
  • make text-decoration link underline not disappear or misaligned when scrolling (Bug 405308)
  • make right/left borders adopt user-defined color scheme (Bug 419167)
  • draw labels of radio buttons and checkboxes in correct positions (Bug 402940)
  • recognize image/x-ms-bmp MIME type as BMP picture (Bug 262505)
  • do not hang with floating thead and large margin (Bug 402872)
  • do not try to discard image data when the image is animating (Bug 418791)
  • make Full Page Zoom play well with background-position (Bug 403181)
  • do not crash with canvas.2dcontext.putImageData() (Bug 421715)
  • set minimal required gtk2 version in to 2.10 (Bug 420040)
  • take key modifiers from the current event not the current hardware state on Mac (Bug 320746)
  • do not hang when reloading page with plugin (Bug 420884)
  • optimize parseInt for integers in base-10 (Bug 324161)
  • fix drag & drop of Russian text to the search/location bar (Bug 403217)
  • implement about:memory framework core (Bug 392351)
  • enable searching in an application/javascript page (Bug 421365)
  • fix tilde (~) key for certain keyboard layouts (Bug 385364)
  • improve Mac installer (.dmg) (Bug 406448)
  • Re-write mac readme (Bug 417261)
  • support keyword search from third-party applications ("? queryterm") (Bug 408248)
  • allow overriding certain navigator object properties (oscpu, productSub, buildID) (Bug 417994)
  • change "Author Unknown" to "Author not verified" in Add-on installer dialog (Bug 421313)
  • require WPAD to be enabled explicitly (Bug 421490)
  • internationalize display of plugin descriptions (Bug 420285)
  • make it so that progress dialogs (message sent, print, print preview) close (Bug 413200)
  • use whitelist to check for valid hostnames (Bug 355181)

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