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Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Week, Another Panel

  • Preferences window: Migrate Appearance panel and sub panels, merge Locales into main Appearance panel (Bug 411215)
  • make 0 in "Check for new mail every x minutes" not constantly check for new mail (Bug 25473)
  • use different arrow widgets for arrows in different context (Bug 416003)
  • do not save Toolbar and MenuBar shadows (improve theme changes) (Bug 421695)
  • do not paint black rectangle at bottom of long pages (Bug 380115)
  • detect GTK+ version for AUS (Bug 418131)
  • make comboboxes look like native ComboBox widget and not OptionMenu (Bug 415830)
  • change mouse cursor when moving from content area to other window (Windows/Linux/Mac part) (Bug 297080)
  • use blacklist system for underline offset adjusting of CJK fonts which have wrong underline offset (Bug 417014)
  • recognize CJK font-name correctly in preferences (Bug 390901)
  • do not bold 500 weight text (on Windows) (Bug 420675)
  • make single-pixel optimization release surface memory (Bug 415854)
  • do not use fieldset pref widths as min widths since pref widths can be unconstrained (Bug 404123)
  • make Legend tag wrap when specified (Bug 354502)
  • display Type 1 and other fonts correctly (on Windows) (Bug 396315)
  • do not render infinity and other symbols as hex boxes in MathML expressions on Windows with STIX fonts (Bug 413115)
  • load cmaps for fonts with Unicode-platform format-12 cmaps on Mac (Bug 408965)
  • do not crash due to float assignment on uninitialized data (Bug 422011)
  • render SVG clippath correctly when changing it via the DOM (Bug 423071)
  • enable bidi support if RTL characters are found in the print header or footer (Bug 421690)
  • do not allow Print Preview to happen while a page is loading (Bug 407080)
  • allow printout from black Laserjet printer to be gray scaled (Bug 399388)
  • show error page instead of a dialog for certificate errors in iframes (allow to add an exception) (Bug 423247)
  • allow to use system bzip2 library (Bug 305782)
  • do not miss files with make clean and make distclean (Bug 333308)
  • prevent crash reporter on Linux from submitting the default comment (Bug 415016)
  • do not crash with flash file uploader on Mac (Bug 409615)
  • make plugins work with cairo-os2 (Bug 369791)
  • support XDG user dirs in the directory service (backend) (Bug 399500)
  • enable using menus in other windows while native filepicker is open (Bug 389931)
  • generate AUS files (complete MARs) for Mac L10n builds (Bug 410627)
  • make ignore modal=yes (Bug 414291)
  • make sizeToContent() property of a nsIDOMWindow work again (used by extensions like DownThemAll!) (Bug 371508)
  • make extensions' progress listeners not interfere with normal operation of tabbed browsing (Bug 421245)
  • allow to drag bookmarks from a folder in the personal toolbar on Linux and Mac (Bug 151336)

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