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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Restart the Import, Don't Ask

  • do not crash when selecting folder (Bug 423825)
  • get rid of enormous amount of "morkObject not thread-safe" assertions when importing mail on Mac (Bug 423539)
  • allow restarting incomplete import (Bug 399312 / Bug 421405)
  • get rid of the Send in UTF-8 question dialog, just silently switch to UTF-8 if necessary (Bug 410333)
  • make tree view headers tell the GTK engine the sortation (Bug 423236)
  • map mouse buttons 6-7 to horizontal scrolling on Linux (Bug 423563)
  • use correct margins in GTK print/print preview from the start (Bug 417356)
  • do not crash while setting image as desktop background on Linux (Bug 420786)
  • support alternate focus drawing method for certain GTK themes (Bug 423606)
  • make font entries depend on the style (non-latin characters not displayed in italic/bold) (Bug 382542)
  • make text of select dropdown vertically centered on Mac (Bug 418294)
  • fix inconsistent layout with padding (Bug 423130)
  • go back to using font fallback for symbol fonts (Bug 399636)
  • limit supported font weight to 900 (Bug 424165)
  • simulate bold and italic for families that lack bold and/or italic faces on Mac (Bug 364713)
  • make floating parent size correctly with floating child using negative margin (Bug 423385)
  • make it so that specifying a line-height in px or with decimal values does not cause rendering errors (Bug 421069)
  • fix text kerning (do not show space between letters and prevent letters from appearing above each other) (Bug 392233)
  • make filter on DOM-animated elements mask drawing region correctly (Bug 421584)
  • make elements embedding SVG by ref. resize if they depend on intrinsic percentage width/height (Bug 423436)
Extensions and Plugins
  • make Restart option appear for installs from the local filesystem (Bug 423218)
  • give type attribute higher priority when deciding what plugin to use (Bug 395110)
  • enable plugins on startup that are no longer blocklisted (Bug 419582)
  • use correct mtable width and position (Bug 363240)
  • make Crash Reporter dialog wide enough for l10n (Bug 415428)
  • integrate Breakpad on Solaris (Bug 391361)
  • update timestamps when changing collapse preference (Bug 361283)
DOM Inspector
  • make Evaluate JavaScript window opaque (Bug 423625)
  • enable Insert Node dialog to create HTML elements again (Bug 399653)
  • select Namespace URI when loading Edit Attribute dialog (Bug 422336)
  • do not crash when trying to print from print preview with a frameset page (Bug 423345)
  • do not crash with a font that Uniscribe cannot render (use GDI instead) (Bug 418384)
  • do not crash while trying to print (table cellmap issue) (Bug 424291)
  • do not crash or hang when installing a font on Windows while the browser is running (Bug 424398)
  • do not crash when reloading page with RealPlayer plugin that has a modal child window (Bug 420886)
  • do not crash when trying to setup plugin (Bug 424226)
  • size input correctly and make rows not jump around with editable trees and flexible and non-flexible treecols (Bug 415257)
  • increase http.max-* default prefs (Bug 423377)
  • show only one "Save As..." button in PageInfo/Media when one row is selected (Bug 423914)
  • show disabled buttons on SeaMonkey help viewer (Linux) (Bug 424127)
  • fix wonkiness with modal windows resulting from showModalDialog on Mac OS X (Bug 395465)
  • add .pr (Puerto Rico) to IDN whitelist (Bug 423974)

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