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Monday, April 21, 2008

Backend Promises

  • Vista integration: port Toolkit's Window shellservices to Suiterunner (backend for setting SM as default client) (Bug 380347)
  • Preferences window: Migrate Tags (Bug 416548) and Message Display (Bug 427365) MailNews subpanes
  • Ignore (kill) a subthread in MailNews: Backend (Bug 11054)
  • New icons for Mail back/forward: Modern theme part (Bug 399366)
  • Add support for Kerberised LDAP to MailNews: Backend (extensions/auth) (Bug 428482)
  • "Warning: Key event not available on ..." messages: update list of keys (Bug 311756)
  • load local XHTML even if a non-existent CSS file is specified (Bug 418391)
  • do not issue "Error: this.docShell is null" when the sidebar opens (Bug 412171)
  • do not save the error page icon into Bookmarks (Bug 323508)
  • disable color controls when 'Use system color' is checked (Bug 79603)
  • make updater.exe appear as "SeaMonkey Updater" in the UAC prompt on Vista (Bug 405553)
  • display correct error message when installing an extension that isn't compatible with the app (Bug 428341)
  • prevent websites from detecting extensions via chrome protocol handler (Bug 292789)
  • make sure "Try Again" after a DNS error does not load previous page instead of the one that failed to load (Bug 421067)
  • make default browser window size bigger (70ch x 45em) (Bug 423368)
  • make content of mplayer plugin no spill over into content area when scrolling on OS/2 (Bug 418645)
  • remove empty Mozilla directories in appdata when Remove personal data option is set during uninstall (Bug 407008)
  • fix dragging multiple files to editor on Linux (Bug 428876)
  • do not go to chrome URL when setting New Tab preference to Home Page (Bug 429731)
    (also fixed in next stable release, e.g. 1.1.10)
  • remove countdown timer from software update UI (Bug 424995)
  • fix progressmeter in undetermined mode on Mac OS X (Bug 304147)
  • move caret to beginning/end of url bar or text box when pressing up/down arrow key on Mac (Bug 231754)
  • do not incorrectly shift accesskeys (e.g. accesskey=".") (Bug 359638) /make Ctrl + + (text zoom) work (Bug 401086)
  • make IME work in Flash text field on Mac (Bug 357670)
  • allow to delete folders in the background without a confirmation (Bug 424024)
  • add "Recent Folder Target" to Move and Copy menus (SeaMonkey part) (Bug 416669)
  • allow to rename already-attached attachments (Bug 190298)
  • show account name instead of email address in titlebar (Bug 141089)
  • allow to rename a local folder to exactly the same name (Bug 427711)
  • escape & character as & in href when creating plaintext url html (Bug 408096)
  • maintain correct internal values for Junk filter (for extensions) (Bug 366491)
  • make restore defaults for tags work in non-instant-apply mode (Bug 428594)
  • (pref unthreads=True): make threading via column header force Sort by Date instead of Order Received (Bug 369620)
  • do not crash when trying to reorder "date" column for new IMAP account in new profile (Bug 422720)
  • identify the sender of a reply or forward mail correctly if a mail identity is a substring of another one (Bug 424098)
  • do not require application restart for changing the print orientation to take effect (Bug 420050)
  • make sure spellchecker.dictionary pref default is not empty (affects languages dropdown in Mail Composition pref pane) (Bug 423241)
  • expose less of the messenger chrome package to content (Bug 428996)
  • allow attaching and sending out-of-locale Unicode-named files (Bug 332110)
  • improve Linux autoscroll icon (Bug 387018)
  • render native ComboBox arrow correctly with GNOME nimbus theme (Bug 426322)
  • add support for keyboard layouts (backend) (Bug 348724)
  • make ChatZilla optional in SeaMonkey NSIS installer (Bug 409490)
  • do not append underscores infinitely when nickname is unavailable on server (Bug 428811)
  • disallow drag-dropping to non-editable regions when the document contains a contenteditable element (Bug 390934)
  • handle non-editable content (e.g. links) the same way no matter if there is a contenteditable element or not (Bug 388659)
  • do not allow link/anchor elements within a contentEditable element to be focussed (Bug 406596)
  • correct list of supported SVG Feature Strings (Bug 322724)
  • refresh when transforming the ancestors of a foreignObject (Bug 426721)
  • do not zoom twice HTML or MathML text embedded in SVG as foreignObject (Bug 426980)
  • allow SVG without a viewBox to scroll when embedded by reference by a replaced element (Bug 428023)
  • ensure landscape mode setting does not fail on Linux/Unix if there is no CUPS printer configured (Bug 424751)
  • make Landscape mode not print in Portrait mode on Linux (Bug 389949)
  • let sites like print correctly (ensure columns are not missing) (Bug 411585)
  • make Print Selection not print blank pages (Bug 402264)
  • add "Printed output is wrong" to list of problem types (Bug 413937)
  • enable crash reporting by default in only X% of cases for release builds (Bug 424960)
  • load font cmap info via a background task on Windows (Bug 419744)
  • fix character spacing problem for bit-mapped and vector fonts on Windows (Bug 425336)
  • update default fonts for Indic scripts (Bug 378105)
  • make sure that the font selection for numerals is not affected by characters of different a language elsewhere on the page (Bug 416725)
  • make moz-icon display correct icon with contentType parameter specified (Bug 415273)
  • make red line appear in Arabic spelling checking (Bug 421042)
  • prevent artifacts in frames of certain APNGs (Bug 420416)
  • make grid columns line up if one <rows> block is scrollable (Bug 393970)
  • make scrolling on Gmail/Linux as fast as in previous versions (Bug 424915)
  • fix CSS margin problem (CSS spec change) (Bug 427129)
  • do not over-optimize whether to show border outline for -moz-border-radius (Bug 399258)
  • fix font rendering/kerning on Mac (font-variant: small-caps) (Bug 427730)
  • respect size attribute of textboxes (Bug 410405)
  • add support for stretchy fences built from glyphs in SymbolMT (Bug 425367)
  • make combining marks for accents visible (Bug 427659)
  • enable build configure to make sure the correct Windows SDK is installed (atlbase.h checks) (Bug 426065)
  • do not crash on window/tab close with Flip4Mac plugin (stop QuickTime and Flip4Mac plugins directly when requested, not off an event) (Bug 426524)
  • do not crash when selection changes in an unusual way (MailNews topcrash) (Bug 415601)
  • do not crash with Viewpoint plugin (Bug 421030)

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