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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Start the Demorkification

  • Preferences window: apply changes in migrated Scripts & Plugins pref pane (generate events for checkbox listitems) (Bug 423407), add load_toolbar_icons pref to content panel (Bug 420732)
  • remove UI for option "Apply default character encoding to all incoming messages" (Bug 408335)
  • port Thunderbird's revised vCard attachment display (Bug 290678)
  • do not crash while starting / moving message from one IMAP account to another account (Bug 341929)
  • convert panacea.dat (mork) to msgFolderCache.sqlite (storage) (Bug 418551)
  • tell the GTK theme engine that Mozilla is requesting the drawing, so it can fix its quirks (Bug 425877)
  • show CZ icon on tabbar when CZ is opened in a tab (Bug 410948)
  • draw scrollbar thumb with correct size for custom scrollbars on Mac (Bug 424074)
  • use selected weight for font cache on Windows (Bug 424945)
  • make tiled image drawing sample only the correct subimage by manually padding if necessary (Bug 421885)
  • scale elements for 192+ dpi instead of 144+ dpi (Bug 394103)
  • show Plugin Finder Service when object tag fallback is empty (Bug 425013)
  • clear invalid cert data when using back button (Bug 420246)
  • do not crash on quit on Mac (Bug 422827)
  • do not crash on cancel of print-to-file (Bug 409953)
  • do not crash with proxied https and network.http.pipelining.ssl active (Bug 422016)
  • make Edit menu shortcuts work again in Save file picker on Mac (Bug 372571)
  • do not lose focus of selected richlistitem after performing an operation to it (Bug 385374)
  • use jemalloc on Windows (Bug 423703)
  • do not cut off searchplugin url containing digits when doing empty search from urlbar (Bug 390295)
  • make multiple selection work properly when selecting something before an existing selection (Bug 392746)
  • add even better OS/2 icons for SeaMonkey (Bug 413535)
  • use 32bpp (instead of 64bpp) for theme icon PNGs (affects autoscroll icon) (Bug 425217)
  • prevent "installLocation has no properties" during install/update of extensions (drop any entries in unknown install locations) (Bug 356370)
  • make window.outerWidth/outerHeight report number of CSS pixels, not device pixels (Bug 424375)
  • optimize read file buffer sizes for faster startup times (Bug 411579)

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  • I filed the chatzilla bug. :P

    Glad to see it's being worked on.

    By Blogger Havvy, at 9:34 PM  

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