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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Add-ons AMO Integration And More

  • remove dotted lines from tree views (affects MailNews thread display) (Bug 425131)
  • call onItemAdded only on parent address book of mailing lists (Bug 406921)
    also fixes: prevent addresses in multiple lists from appearing multiple times in parent address book (Bug 134590), update parent address book after changing a list (Bug 362351) and update list when deleting card from it (Bug 340728)
  • implement (Mac) importer (Bug 420472)
  • enable "Character Encoding" in "View Source" window (Bug 350693)
  • do not let IMAP code deadlock when it can't reach the network (Bug 410747)
  • use 4px tooltip padding width (left and right) on Linux (Bug 419395)
  • make new Linux print & page-setup dialogs modal (Bug 431190)
  • allow to resize linked images in contentEditable elements (Bug 417533)
  • ensure that contentEditable elements are still editable after going back to a page (Bug 386782)
  • make pressing enter in div with contentEditable not move text nodes unexpectedly (Bug 430392)
  • unhide grabber for absolutely positioned elements and make it accessible (Bug 384625)
  • make Composer handle XHTML documents (Bug 431184)
  • make columns in "Join Channel" dialog resizeable (Bug 432831)
  • allow moving a tab for channel called "#" without errors (Bug 432818)
  • make double-clicking a user in the user list open a query view (Bug 432235)
  • add new images and symbols for the userlist (suitable for default & dark motifs) (Bug 431859)
  • provide a dark motif userlist (Bug 410962)
  • Add optional instrumentation code / opt-in anonymous usage reporting: CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) (Bug 299472)
  • make "/voice *" voice all people (Bug 415006)
  • make channel/user views appear in preferences window if network has no prefs and is hidden (Bug 430977)
  • localize 421 (ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND) message from server (Bug 423644)
  • add "User commands" to the right-click context menu in Query views (Bug 423011)
  • make Browse... button in pref window work if pref is invalid (point to default) (Bug 418722)
  • do not save new nickname when connected and server does not accept it (Bug 420635)
  • split messages for display already, to indicate "spam" and/or link breakage (Bug 422060)
  • remove spaces from nicknames (Bug 349268)
  • add a way to always show the Add Exception buttons on SSL error pages (Bug 427293, see comment 22)
  • show link to correct site in SSL error pages for domain mismatch (Bug 402210)
  • use identity error icons on SSL error pages (all platforms) (Bug 430904)
  • ensure that no content of multi-page print selection streams off end of page / is duplicated on next page (Bug 430389)
  • calculate correct "total number of pages" for print selection when printing scaled output (Bug 431587)
  • make print selection place text correctly with initial whitespace and select-all (Bug 430748)
  • remove hover state for dropdown button on menulists in Vista chrome (Bug 430434)
  • add new artwork for the icons of loading-images and broken-images (Bug 240463)
  • make Type 1 fonts print correctly (Bug 432071)
  • make content drop-down menus appear with the parent menu (Bug 431606)
  • improve font handling and text display in OS/2 Thebes builds (Bug 381333)
  • make CG glyph rendering not always anti-alias when system preference is to disable for font size > x on Mac (Bug 418479)
  • add native fast-path for drawImage with a canvas as source (Bug 430873)
  • use correct logical resolution for converting font sizes in pt, etc. with GTK+ (Bug 384090)
  • ensure that pop-up window image zoom-out works correctly (Bug 369370)
  • interpret PNG height correctly (do not mix height and width) (Bug 411852)
  • make Crash reporter dialog wide enough for l10n (Bug 415428)
  • send proxy settings to the Breakpad reporter (Bug 385280)
  • implement --disable-vista-sdk-requirements configure option and update source to use it (Bug 428970)
  • enable high-memory feature on OS/2 by default (Bug 369007)
  • do not crash when specifying invalid filename for print settings on Linux (Bug 429707)
  • do not crash while setting innerHTML with SVG, onload (Bug 431703)
  • do not crash when freeing plugin memory (Bug 422024)

  • use platform specific 16x16 warning favicon in network error pages (Bug 429721)
  • remove useless binaries from the package (now also for OS/2) (Bug 356727)
  • time changing QuickDraw plugin visibility correctly when switching tabs on Mac (Bug 277067)
  • add ability to monitor plug-ins at run-time (backend for Plugin Watcher extension) (Bug 412770)
  • add system colors for even/odd tree rows on all platforms (Bug 429188)
  • update blocklist URL to include same info as update URL (Bug 430120)
  • setup unit/mochi/crash/reftest buildbots for SeaMonkey (Bug 416469)
  • make browser mochitests pass on SeaMonkey (Bug 431453)
  • make SeaMonkey Windows unit test machine pass all mochitests and navigator window default size dynamic (Bug 432740)
  • let the installer create a correct Start Mail link (Bug 428819)
  • use a checkbox instead of a radiobutton on installer's Licence page (Bug 429851)
  • do not activate links when clicking in blank space in file column of directory listing (Bug 428250)
  • make Cmd+T open a new window when no browser windows are open on Mac (Bug 429926)
  • make postMessage dispatch its event asynchronously (Bug 430251)
  • reactivate Autoscroll on OS/2 (Bug 410398)
  • adapt and integrate ipluginw for trunk and libxul (needed to make Java plugin work) (Bug 421988)
  • use extension if the type of an embed is not supported by a plugin (Bug 431280)
  • give notification bars default icons via CSS (Bug 431275)
  • use a solid line between results in the Error Console (Bug 431241)
  • use new folder icons for FTP/filesystem view on XP and Vista (Bug 431013)
  • make '^' and 'ยจ' characters work in password fields (Bug 430650)
  • integrate AMO into SeaMonkey's Add-on Manager (Bug 414918)
Add-ons AMO integration

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