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Monday, June 09, 2008

MailNews Advancements

  • Pref window: Advanced pref panel (Bug 421832)
  • use in Composer where applicable: Pref window part (Bug 432132)
  • disable images on drag feedback for GTK2 since it lacks proper transparency support (Bug 429821)
  • make deleting/renaming IMAP folder show in the UI again without the need to collapse/expand (Bug 434920)
  • allow to change priority via filter when message is moved and server supports user flags (Bug 181561)
  • add a pref (mail.reply_quote_inline) to quote text attachment in reply (Bug 384599)
  • let IMAP subscribe UI handle folders with a leading hierarchy delimiter correctly (Bug 434110)
  • make setting mail.auth_login and mail.server.default.auth_login to false (disabling AUTH/SASL) work with IMAP (Bug 417957, also fixed on stable branch)
  • display correct unread count in Trash when playing back offline delete of unread IMAP message (Bug 435259)
  • only enable the Next > button when appropriate in the Account wizard (Bug 146392)
  • update addressbook view when a new card is created while creating a new mailing list (Bug 434978)
  • enable .wdseml (Windows Search) file opening support for Mail/News (Bug 433697)
  • make message filters move up/down accelerators not disable the filter (Bug 368218)
  • allow to limit growth of junk token store (add new pref mailnews.bayesian_spam_filter.junk_maxtokens) (Bug 228675)
  • do not insert two blank lines after signature when top-posting (Bug 428040)
  • speed up selecting saved search with a lot of results (do not paint scroll bar for every message) (Bug 436960)
  • make userlist readable again (Bug 432482)
  • make /msg and /describe messages sent to a non-current channel not appear as if they were sent to the current channel (Bug 419230)
  • escape channel names for irc: urls containing '/' correctly (Bug 435602)
  • avoid starting Java when opening Chatzilla (Bug 435772)
  • Add a "Summary" last step before actual install, like Thunderbird has, to installer (Bug 428813)
  • add accesskeys to right-click menu of bookmarks (Bug 176359)
  • set accesskey for various labels of updater menuitem in Help menu (Bug 433551)
  • package and install ChatZilla language packs (Bug 408844)
  • enable source server support on SeaMonkey Windows tinderbox (Bug 433230)
  • use Cmd+? to open Help menu on Mac (Bug 432693)
  • don't try to import IE favorites on Mac (Bug 433117)
  • set autocomplete popup to correct width when page is zoomed in/out (Bug 407912)
  • do not apply cross-domain javascript security restrictions to local HTML files loaded into an IFRAME (Bug 435362)
  • allow chrome favicons for XUL error pages (Bug 301119)
  • enable using keyboard for text entry if address bar history entry is selected with mouse while pulldown menu is active from hotkey (Bug 270128)
  • do not crash with display: -moz-box, generated content, positioning and fieldset (Bug 398332)
  • do not crash when htmlSigText is set but no signature file is given (Bug 435587)

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